Thursday, 20 April, 2006

At the movies

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Things that movies have taught me... Hollywood Edition

 A cigarette case in a shirt pocket always blocks a bullet.

A single match can brighten any room, no matter the size.

All computer disks work in all computers, regardless of operating system.

All single women have cats.

Anyone can land a plane, provided someone in the control tower talks you through it.

Bullets are unable to penetrate water.

Characters shot with guns will fly backward, or upward and backward, through the air, the laws of physics not-withstanding.

Dinosaurs only eat ugly and/or immoral people.

During emotional confrontations, instead of facing the person you are speaking to, stand behind them and talk to their back.

Explosions in space make noise.

Having a job makes fathers forget their sons' birthdays.
If a killer is lurking in your house, it's easy to find him. Just run a bath (even in the middle of the day) and then look in the bathroom mirror. There he is.

I think that should be it for now...