Thursday, 31 August, 2006

Stuff that frags are made of.

Wow.. frankly speaking I'm jealous.

Imagine going to school to one of these places. Read em and weep gamers.

Sunday, 27 August, 2006

Ruman Returns

Well, it was 2001 when I was last in India for one of my fav annual festivals called Ganesh Chaturthi which celebrates probably India's favorite deity - Ganesh

I used to get really involved in all the activities during this fest and really missed it when I was in the US for 3 and something years...

But now that I am back, I can't wait to get my groove back... Thankfully I remembered to charge my digicam over night so I can take some pics and post em on the pics blog. On the other hand though, being sick the last few days I was unable to sleep at all last night so hopefully I can stay awake throughout the day.

I have kept an emergency can of Red Bull in case there is a chance I might pass out.

Thursday, 24 August, 2006

Sick Day Again?

Yup, another sick day. What the hell is wrong here?

I think the night shifts are catching up. No, really I do.

This week marks 4 freakin long months since I became 100% nocturnal. I think its time for a change. Anyway, wanted to feel good on this gloomy evening so created a 'Blast from the Past' playlist on my comp.

First song - Float On by Modest Mouse. Anyone who has heard it knows just how damn good it really is.

Wednesday, 23 August, 2006

Sick Day & Delicious

Called in sick yesterday cause I was down with a sickness.

Took it easy.. got in touch with MVP 2005 all over again. Damn, that game was fine.

Back at work today.. putting out fires and getting in touch with this time around.

I miss that service.

Monday, 21 August, 2006

Weekend Update

Chilled this weekend. No drunken debauchery.. well mostly.

Worked out, did some shopping (nice soft towels) and got a haircut.

Drank a bit and I gotta say, I endorse Zingaro Beer.


Its gonna be a busy and hopefully short week.

Go Yanks.

Wednesday, 16 August, 2006

Blogger goes to Beta

Well, how abt that. The day I think to make a template change and move some things around, soon after Blogger follows with a bunch of changes themselves.

They went ahead and updated their service and true to the google way, they went to beta.

They'll allow people to migrate their existing blogs over to the new service soon but in the meantime I went ahead and created a fresh account with them. Result was the test blog - The Ra View

Love the new options - new customizable templates, slicker archives, further security options, tagging - called labels here and much much more.

I needed something like this to keep me hooked to Blogger and they delivered.

Tuesday, 15 August, 2006

Happy Birthday

As of 50 min's ago, India once again celebrates its independence day.

Next year will be the 60 yr anniversary.

Woo-hoo Jai Hind.

Monday, 14 August, 2006

Template Change

And finally after a long break in-between changes, a template change has occured.

Maybe I was inspired by the red-pill a la The Matrix.

Live Writer

Microsoft came out with a quick blogging tool named Live Writer. Are they gonna use Live for all their new products?

Anyway, making this post using the same tool. WYSIWYG tool with a nice interface.

Similar to word hence easier to use.

Seems nice. Gotta use it some more to get used to it.

Saturday, 12 August, 2006

Time for the one

Ever since I've been playing the amazing Matrix Reloaded map in Counter-Strike the past couple of weeks, I've been wanting to see the Trilogy back to back to back and have a blast.

Well, today being Saturday I went out and rented the collector's edition 3 in 1 Disc and plan to stay up the night and make my wish come true.

Time to immerse my self in the Matrix.

Tuesday, 8 August, 2006

My precious

Oh no.

Forgot my watch and I'm already at work.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel naked.

Weekend update and fate

And weekend number 14 passed by in my dark age.... uh me working nights that is.

Drank and feasted on Sat and had a few serious discussions as well. Been a while since I did that.

Sunday it rained like Woah and I had to go to the airport to pick up my grandfather who came
back from The US. He got the set of speakers I had left back and I connected them last night and it was awesome.

Today I started going to the gym after a two month hiatus and on the way back I got a punctured tire. I was grumbling while walking to get a mechanic when I bumped into an old school teacher of mine after 7 years. She recognised me and I remembered her as well. Made me think that the tire breached for a reason. I would't ever have met her otherwise.


Friday, 4 August, 2006


Everyone's heard of 'Highway to Hell ' but not a lot of people have had 'Friday's from hell' as many time as I have.

Why then is this post titled TGIF. Well, fridays for me are like a hugh chasm that I just have to jump over. I know its gonna be difficult but the sooner I jump, the sooner the week-end gets here.