Thursday, 19 July, 2007

Busy day

Had a busy day today. Watched History of Violence followed by gym and then watched Equilibrium. Both of them damn good movies in entirely different ways.

Good stuff. Now at work. When I get back home tonight I'll play some Deus Ex (yes I'm having fun playing it again after 6 years. Also I'll catch up with Seinfeld season 5. Sucks to know they cancelled Deadwood and Rome before I had a chance to really get into either of them.

Tuesday, 17 July, 2007

Wild weekend

Had a fun weekend. As part of the new plan to spend as much time partying on the weekends as possible I took initiative as I went along with the fam on a 2 hr drive from Mumbai in rains and then back on Sunday for one hell of a party and my friend Chin's place. Re-united with some school buddies and made some new friends as well.

Was sick yesterday but today back at work and right now have discovered google reader again and boy is it slick. Check out my shared items here:-

Thursday, 12 July, 2007

A new hobby

Yup, I've acquired a new hobby:- viral marketing or something similar to that.

I'm now involved in marketing a political opinion website/magazine called Policy Today. Please do check out some of the articles put up so far.

There will be frequent updates and sign up for an RSS feed if you want to be notified.

Back from the dead

I'm back from a much needed r&r break. I went extreme, going all the way to a little island called Jamaica by some people and then to an obscure little place in western new york called Buffalo.

All in all a good trip. I did take lot of pics and so did lot of my fam. I will be posting links later.

I also saw the iphone first hand and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. I will def be getting one once it launches in India. I also caught up on the movie scene with The Transformers by Michael Bay ( a very well made movie ) and then 1408 ( a truly scary movie with quite a few moments ) and I came so close to making a second trip to Atlantic City in 48 hrs. Phew... a wild 2 weeks they certainly were.