Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Its been a trip of mixed emotions so far back home in mumbai....

Having fun and yet feeling saddened at all that has been taking place in this part of the world

Nuff said

Saturday, 25 December, 2004

This is it.

Its bon voyage time...

Merry christmas to all my peeps in the us.....

And to everyone back home....... get ready to rumble

Thursday, 23 December, 2004

Wow.... I did not know this:-

Legal Definition of Hinduism

In a 1966 ruling, the Supreme Court of India defined the Hindu faith as follows for legal purposes:

  1. Acceptance of the Vedas with reverence as the highest authority in religious and philosophic matters and acceptance with reverence of Vedas by Hindu thinkers and philosophers as the sole foundation of Hindu philosophy.
  2. Spirit of tolerance and willingness to understand and appreciate the opponent's point of view based on the realization that truth is many-sided.
  3. Acceptance of great world rhythm — vast periods of creation, maintenance and dissolution follow each other in endless succession — by all six systems of Hindu philosophy.
  4. Acceptance by all systems of Hindu philosophy of the belief in rebirth and pre-existence.
  5. Recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are many.
  6. Realization of the truth that numbers of Gods to be worshiped may be large, yet there are Hindus who do not believe in the worshiping of idols.

Thank you once again Wikipedia

This blog is now hard wired into the rss and atom syndication formats.

Easy for people to follow...

Just copy the link above directly into your favorite feed reader and viola - you will be notified the moment this blog is updated.

Its really cool technology...

I recommend giving speedemon a try.... its simple and powerful at the same time.

Wednesday, 22 December, 2004

The significance of the number 420...

Monday, 20 December, 2004

This is my last post from the apartment for close to a month.... Next post will be around the 17th of Jan late at night.

So adios y'all and have a good winter

Happy Holidays

Friday, 17 December, 2004

All finished with 1/2 of senior year...

Next stop.... bombay..... in abt 9 days

Wednesday, 15 December, 2004

A law final to go and then its party time baby.....

Saturday, 11 December, 2004

Not much to write about, work work and yes some more work.

Although it has begun to snow outside my window..... aah, it truly feels like the north east

Thursday, 9 December, 2004

Tuesday, 7 December, 2004

And the exams begin:-

Day I


Monday, 6 December, 2004

And so begins the last week of classes....

Presentations, reports & exams galore

Saturday, 4 December, 2004

Please note my cell phone has gone AWOL.... thats 'absent without official leave' for people who don't speak military.

So please don't call my cell phone.... call the room if you need to...

Wednesday, 1 December, 2004

Just got back from marketing class.... got blown away by the wind. literally.

Quote from

Wind: From the West Southwest at 45 gusting to 64 km/h

Tuesday, 30 November, 2004

Just got back from my astronomy lecture.... easily the most disturbing and confusing lecture of my life.........

I swear....... atleast 5 - 10 people got up and left because they couldn't handle the ramifications of what the professor was talking about.

to top it off...... I had an awesome question planned for after-class..... and he somehow stumped me...... AGAIN

Seriously though, wednesday cannot come quick enough

Monday, 29 November, 2004

Subservient Stickman


awesome... a must check-out

Final two weeks of classes to go.

Then its finals week and then PARTY TIME

Friday, 26 November, 2004

Got an awesome leather chair at office max at 7.00 am on black friday.

Totally worth the 90 mins I spent outside in the blistering cold.


Happy thanksgiving y'all

Sunday, 21 November, 2004

Saturday, 20 November, 2004

Aah, done with workin out.... ate some bananas..... now time to chillax.

Tommorow... my cuz sameer visits my apartment for the first time.....

Friday, 19 November, 2004

Just finished cleaning my room... yeah I know its 8:21 am on a friday morning... but hey I have places to go and things to do...........

Wednesday, 17 November, 2004

Computers make you blind: official | The Register

Great... just what we all needed....

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Draft Fear)

Interesting Information about a possible cumpulsory military draft in the USA.

Monday, 15 November, 2004

Sing For The Moment

These ideas are nightmares for white parents
Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
Like whatever they say has no bearing
Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing
To see him walking around with his headphones blaring
Alone in his own zone, cold and he dont care
He's a problem child, what bothers him all comes out
When he talks about his fuckin' dad walkin out
Cos he hates him so bad that he blocks him out
But if he ever saw him again, he'd prolly knock him out
His thoughts are whacked, he's mad so he's talkin' back
Talkin black, brainwashed from rock and rap
He sags his pants, 2 rags and a stocking cap
His step-father hit him so he socked him back
And broke his nose, this house is a broken home
There's no control, he just lets his emotions go
Come on...

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me,just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Entertainment is danger, intertwine it with gansters
In the land of the killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum
Only you're unholy, only have one homey
Only this gun, lonely, cuz don't anyone know me
But everybody just feels like they can relate
I guess words are a motherfucker, they can be great
Or they can be great, or even worse, they can teach hate
Its like kids hang on every single statement we make
Like they worship us, plus all the stores ship us platinum
Now how the fuck did this metamorphasis happen?
From standin' on corners and porches just rappin'
To havin' a fortune, no more kissin' ass
But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn you
Fans turn on you, attorney's all gonna turn it to
To get their hands on every dime you have
They want you to lose your mind every time you mad
So they can try to make you out to look like a loose canon
You need to spew, dont hesitate to produce air-guns
Thats why these prosecutors wanna convict me
Swiftly just to get me offa these streets quickly
But all their kids been listen'n to me religiously
So i'm signing cds while police fingerprint me
They're for the judges daughter, but his grudge is against me
If i'm such a fuckin' menace, this shit doesnt make sense, Pete
It's all political, if my music is literal and i'm a criminal,
How the fuck can i raise a little girl?
I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to
You're full of shit too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you!


They say music can alter moods and talk to you
But can it load a gun for you and cock it too?
Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude
Just tell the judge it was my fault, and i'll get sued
See what these kids do, is hear about us toting pistols
And they want to get one, cos they think the shit's cool
Not knowin' we're really just protectin' ourselves
We're entertainers, of course this shit's affecting our sales
You ignoramus. but music is reflection of self
We just explain it, and then we get our cheques in the mail
It's fucked up ain't it, how we can come from practically nothin'
To bein' able to have any fuckin' thing that we wanted
It's why we sing for these kids that don't have a thing
Except for a dream and a fucking rap magazine
Who post pinup pictures on their walls all day long
Idolise their favourite rappers and know all they songs
Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in they lives
So they sit and they cry at night, wishing they die
Till they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they vibe
We're nothing to you, but we're the fuckin' shit in their eyes
That's why we sieze the moment, and try to freeze it and own it
Squeeze it and hold it, 'cos we consider these minutes golden
And maybe they'll admit it when we're gone
Just let our spirits live on, through out lyrics that you hear in our songs
And we can
Common Errors in English

A must read website... yes take the time... it will be worth it.

Saturday, 13 November, 2004

Headed to maryland in a couple of hrs.... been looking forward to this trip for quite a while now...

Friday, 12 November, 2004

Been really busy studying for law and astronomy.... both of which attack me together on friday. Oh and lets not forget the marketing group project.

After I survive that, its off to maryland for the week-end


Wednesday, 10 November, 2004

Tuesday, 9 November, 2004

And snow season is now officially in session

Saturday, 6 November, 2004

"They said I wasn't being funny. And I said to them, 'I know that, but tomorrow I will go back to being funny, and your show will still blow.'"

- Jon Stewart, on his sniping match with Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala on "Crossfire"

Friday, 5 November, 2004

Yes... I still believe

India wins by 13 runs in Mumbai

Thursday, 4 November, 2004

Had the longest workout of my life - 2 1/2 hrs. Gonna try and maintain the schedule for the rest of the year.

hope you're happy maa

Wednesday, 3 November, 2004

The election is "too close to call" and I am tired so taking a break

And its election day

Tuesday, 2 November, 2004

Sunday, 31 October, 2004

jest magazine - volume 3 issue 2


Politically motivated yes... but awesome nevertheless

Friday, 29 October, 2004

Purchased my costume for the Halloween party this weekend. Really excited abt it. Will be posting pictures .....make that tons and tons of pictures....

Keep checkin around

Monday, 25 October, 2004

Taking a break from investment managment.

Been at it since 5 this evening... that about 5 hrs of work. A guy like me can only take this much finance at a time

Saturday, 23 October, 2004

Just finished watching the conclusion of one of my favorite shows of all time - Farscape....

Thanks again stacman for introducing me to this show

Friday, 22 October, 2004

Here are some very interesting facts courtesy of

10 for the day:-

  1. At least 9 out 10 Nigerians attend church regularly. Only 4 out of 10 Americans claim to do so.
  2. Americans are 15% more innovative than the Japanese. But the Japanese have 3.5 times more patents.
  3. US tops the world in plastic surgery procedures. Next comes Mexico.
  4. Nine out of ten women in Ethiopia start working before they are 10 years old. Time spent in school is less than 2 years.
  5. Americans have the world's highest marriage rates, divorce rates, teenage pregnancies and one person households. Go figure.
  6. 0.7% of Americans are currently in prison.
  7. Are you a teacher? Head to Switzerland. Salaries there start at $33,000 US.
  8. Members of the armed forces and the police cannot vote in the Dominican Republic.
  9. Got a parking ticket in Finland? Better just pay up - it is the least corrupt nation in the world.
  10. More than 20% of the votes in the last elections in Argentina were invalid.

Thursday, 21 October, 2004

Very few rivalries actually live upto the hype

Exhibit A :- Yankees and Red Sox.

The world will take note tonight at 8 ET. No way out

Some of the greatest games I have seen in my life.......

Tuesday, 19 October, 2004

Ok... now the yankees - bosox series is just getting ridiculous

Game 6 tommorow night

CampusNetwork | ~tallguyruman | SUNY Buffalo

Awesome networking tool.......

Sunday, 17 October, 2004

Google Desktop Search

Yet another innovative service from the guys at Google.

Wonder how long before someone copies this one as well?

'Squandered Sympathy' New Poll Reveals World Anger at Bush
Just finished watching some history being made...

Go Yankees

Wednesday, 13 October, 2004

Wasn't really a very productive day.......

The highlight was probably the fact that I cleaned out my room today.... yipeee

Life is looking good with only a couple of months and 10 days to go till I go back home for a month long trip...

Cannot wait

Friday, 8 October, 2004

Finally got my new ipod working....

loving it...

pics posted on the other site

Monday, 4 October, 2004

These beats say it all:-

Hey DJ!
Tonight I’m seein stars
Tonight I’m seein stars

Once again
I found myself with my friends
Dancin the night away
It’s like the party never ends
Then again, we don’t want it to stop
‘Cause tonight’s the night
It goes sweat box, laser beam, flashin lights
Wild cards, men from Mars
Dressed in stars and stripes
Eclectic Electric
Ladies at the evenin
Drinkin booze and mingilin
Mashin through the music
I can do anything
Freaky deaky, star speckles and pink butterflies
And life is nice, so nice
I walk into a club and I found paradise
I’m seein stars, I can’t believe my eyes
I’m seein stars

Oh my, starry eyed surprise
Sun down to sun rise
Dance all night
We gonna dance all night
Dance all night to this DJ
Now sugar, dance all night to this DJ
Oh my, starry eyed surprise
Sun down to sun rise
Dance all night
We gonna dance all night
Dance all night to this DJ
Now sugar, dance all night to this DJ
Dance all night to this DJ
Now lover, dance all night to this DJ
A ha ha

Now the record always spills on the trails we blazed
The walls are closin in, but that’s ok
‘Cause I been waitin all week to feel this way
And it feels so good, so good
I’m on top of the world
The coolest kid in the neighborhood
So let me be a sparkle one night, that’s right
Sweat box, laser beam, flashin lights
You got to
Feel the rush, feel the spice of life
Thug life
Shifty rolls the dice
Snake eyed surprise
Izing, mesmerizin
The mic, the sick ones
‘Cause what we are are victims of fun
C’mon, c’mon, the fun has just begun
C’mon, the fun has just begun
Ha ha

- PAUL OAKENFOLD "Starry-Eyed Surprise"
Happy Birthday To Myself

Ruman, Happy 21

The anticipation keeps building

Just a few hours to go....

21... here I come

Sunday, 3 October, 2004

having the time of my life with:

Friday, 1 October, 2004

Wahabi - Who or what?

An excellent article about the truth abt the wahabi faith

A must read for people like me who read abt the wahabi's everyday without even knowing what they stand for

Wednesday, 29 September, 2004

LionShare: Home Page

A very good project

Hope it works for them and us all

Had a pretty good marketing presentation yesterday.

Today, time just flew by.

Just 6 more days to go for my 21st.... the countdown is on

Monday, 27 September, 2004

Marketing presentation in an hr

16 1/2 % of the final grade hence the red eye preparations to make sure everything is A - OK

Follow that up with Investment Management Exam I and you've got the manic monday

....... but me in a panic?

Certainly not......... anymore

Saturday, 25 September, 2004

Just finished a power hour...

For people who know what it is.. good for ya all... for those who don't...... don't ever try it... ummm... maybe once

Just finished a power hour...

For people who know what it is.. good for ya all... for those who don't...... don't ever try it... ummm... maybe once

Friday, 24 September, 2004

Shout out to Neha and Chintan, part of my group since '89

Happy Birthday guys

Tonights final hand:-

Hulse - All in - 216 in chips
Me - Call

He shows Ace Six
I show King 7

He deals the flop : 7 7 7

Damm, flopped the quads and the nuts


Thursday, 23 September, 2004

This describes my current mood to a T

"Take It Easy" - The Eagles

Well, I'm running down the road
tryin' to loosen my load
I've got seven women on
my mind,
Four that wanna own me,
Two that wanna stone me,
One says she's a friend of mine
Take It easy, take it easy

Don't let the sound of your own wheels
drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
don't even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
and take it easy

Well, I'm a standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona
and such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin' down to take a look at me
Come on, baby, don't say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
gonna save me

We may lose and we may win though
we will never be here again
so open up, I'm climbin' in,
so take it easy

Well I'm running down the road trying to loosen
my load, got a world of trouble on my mind
lookin' for a lover who won't blow my
cover, she's so hard to find
Take it easy, take it easy

don't let the sound of your own
wheels make you crazy
come on baby, don't say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
gonna save me, oh oh oh

Oh we got it easy
We oughta take it easy
Done and now I am off to bed

current clocked:- 31 hrs without sleep

3 down...... astronomy is all that remains.

Looking forward to prob one of the most eagerly awaited naps of my life.

Wednesday, 22 September, 2004

Marketing is DONE

Next stop:- Finance hw

Wacky Wednesday update...

Its 5:49 am and I am still hanging in there....

Law - Done.... hulse is gonna proof read it for me in 4 hrs (when he wakes up) though
Marketing - Done ... methinks
Finance - Done..... again mostly
Astronomy - Yet to start

Post more as the day goes by

Man.... I have been so busy lately.

Tommorow or should I say today is THE (D) DAY

Check out the schedule:-

9:00 am : Marketing exam
11:00 am: Investment Management hw due
1:00 pm: Business Law Paper due
3:00 pm: Astronomy hw Due

Can't wait to get it all over with

But before that its time to pull an all nighter

Sunday, 19 September, 2004

P.s :- Current songs being played in the playa-list

Sting and the Police - Every Breath You Take
The Beatles - Let it Be
Jackson Browne - Stay
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

Yeah well, what can I say? I was in the mood for some oldies

Happy Ganesh Jayanti to all my Indian dudes.......

Damm, I miss you all

Thursday, 16 September, 2004

Saw Troy last night... wow... what an awesome experience that was.

Although I was a little dissapointed that they did away with the whole mythical aspect of the story like actually having gods in the movie... it did add more realism to the movie.

Great direction with superb acting... Apart from Brad Pitt as Achilles, I think Eric Bana as Hector, Peter O' Toole as Priam and Sean Bean as Odysseus (maybe only because of the whole Lord of the Rings thing) were superbly cast. I was very dissapointed by the casting of Helen; I mean she IS suppossed to be the most beautiful woman who ever lived.... damm should have cast some one else...

All in all, a good movie... however they certainly blotched up everything for a sequel or even the Odyssey

Comments welcome....

Wednesday, 15 September, 2004

Feeling much better now... been taking my medicine regularly hence the improvement. Felt so much better last night as I got done with finance and astronomy hw that was due today. Tommorow I start on my first law assignment.

Should certainly be interesting

Monday, 13 September, 2004

Been a while since my last few posts.... or maybe it just seems that way

It was a week-end with mixed emotions....

Was down in the dumps as I was sick on friday, sat morning and then sunday night.... still am actually... BUT had a great party at Cherie's apartment friday night..... good job blindfold.... and then we got our nice big 32" flat screen tv on sat... bulls lost.... bills lost and after some finance hw last night.... here we are monday morning... This week is gonna fly by as have the past two weeks.

Here's to some great weather and even greater memories ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 10 September, 2004

Installed Win XP SP 2 today after gettin a virus scare..... Man everything seems to be working better now.... Great Job Microsoft

Still having tons of issues with the stupid netpass though

Saturday, 4 September, 2004

Played some 1/1 with Justin today... fell down... bruised my knee, lost to him 6-8.

Came back exhausted.... took a nice long cold shower and then proceeded to whip up a delicious cola float... which is basically cola in a glass of vanilla ice cream.

It was as good as the one in Jahangir art gallery in Bombay.

Friday, 3 September, 2004

I first heard this song very closely on the season ending of The O.C

A really beautiful song

I heard there was a secret chord
that David played and it pleased the Lord
but you don't really care for music do ya
Well it goes like this the fourth the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the baffled king composing hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Well your faith was strong but you needed proof
you saw her bathing on the roof
her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
she tied you to a kitchen chair
she broke your throne and she cut your hair
and from your lips she drew the hallelujah.

Hallelujah,hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Baby I've been here before
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor
You know, I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
and love is not a victory march
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

Hallelujah,hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Well there was a time when you let me know
what's really going on below
but now you never show that to me do ya
but remember when I moved in you
and the Holy dove was moving too
and every breath we drew was hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Well maybe there's a God above
but all I've ever learned from love
was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya
And it's not a cry that you hear at night
it's not somebody who's seen the light
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Wednesday, 1 September, 2004 - MLB - Recap

Wow... the one night I don't pay much attention, the bombers get scored on 22 times...

Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

Wow, the hits on this page and on the pics site have just taken off again lately... thanks to everyone for dropping by... no this is not a goodbye message, just a thank you one...

Monday, 30 August, 2004

Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong and this is not where you belong
I can’t give everything away
I won’t give everything away

Trapt - Headstrong

A great song to get you pumped up every morning

Bouncing away to classes...

Here's to a brand new semester and yet another new experience

Watched the talented mr. ripley today.


Talk about a fast and dark but at the same time powerful movie....

Pig latin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a reference for people like me who used ix-nay or ixnay without understanding fully what it stood for and its proper syntax and semantics

Did the template switch I do every new semester..

I like this one... I think it defines my senior year. I might keep it the entire year... who knows

STAY Lyrics - Jackson Browne: "People, stay just a little bit longer We want to play -- just a little bit longer Now the promoter don't mind And the union don't mind If we take a little timeAnd we leave it all behind an"

Sunday, 29 August, 2004 - OLY/SUMMER04/GEN - Beijing '08 could be best yet

A very Probable scenario here

Yahoo! News - FBI Suspects Israel Has Mole in Pentagon -- CBS

Yeah and in the words of Robin Williams :- Fucking DUH!!!!

Ruman's Pics

New site for all the pics I have taken so far and also those I will be taking throughout the senior year.

Google RULES

Friday, 27 August, 2004

Woo Hoo...

First post from my new apartment baby.... yeah

Love this new place....

I just wish the bed mattress was a tad bit better but oh well....

Thursday, 26 August, 2004

Yeah, I know I've delayed moving in a bit but its happening for sure tommorow.. the 26th of August.

Had fun the last few days as friends of ours left their dog Caeser with us and it was a blast.

Really miss his antics right now.

We named his small bed and play pen Caeser's palace.

Cool, right???

Sunday, 22 August, 2004

Woo Hoo

This Land will surely NOT vote for me.... hehe

Awesome link.. a must see

Saturday, 21 August, 2004

An awesome concept...

Thank you top5

Friday, 20 August, 2004

Ruman's Blog
Finally getting settled back in the buff...

Will start moving into my new apartment this weekend. I will try and post some pics ASAP

Sunday, 15 August, 2004

Happy Birthday India

Friday, 13 August, 2004


Friday the 13th

My favorite time of the year. The last Freddie Kruger day till may 2005...


Adios Amigos.

Its been a blast working with you all

In the words of the great but not late Ray Sosa:-


Thursday, 12 August, 2004

Wednesday, 11 August, 2004

Tuesday, 10 August, 2004

Yesterday was easily the longest day of my life in recent memory

More details soon

Monday, 9 August, 2004

I certainly had a good weekend. Just chillaxed at my cuz's place and saw Collateral last night

A very good movie which got me so pumped I actaully kicked some ass in QIII later that night

Saturday, 7 August, 2004

Creating stronger passwords

A good article on good passwords

Wednesday, 4 August, 2004


Here are my favorites:-

"Play it again, Sam"

* Correct quote: "You played it for her, you can play it for me. ... If she can stand it, I can! Play it!" - Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca)
* Another correct quote: "Play it once, Sam. For old times' sake. ... Play 'As Time Goes By'." - Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca)
o Note: Woody Allen made a homage to Casablanca under the title Play It Again, Sam.

"The rest is science"

* Correct quote: "The rest is silence" - William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears." - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

* Notes: normally attributed to Julius Caesar, but actually said by Antony.

Elementary, my dear Watson"

* Correct quote: "Elementary", on one occasion; "my dear Watson" on another. Never together - Sherlock Holmes
* Notes: According to the Sherlock Holmes series of books, the expression was uttered in some derivative works such as Sherlock Holmes films and television programmes.

Tuesday, 3 August, 2004

Saw the Bourne Supremacy this weekend. It was a good movie. I just think it would have been better if I was maybe not sitting in the FOURTH ROW.

Had to pull out all stops to see this one including getting ticks for a diff movie cause this one was sold out and then sneaking in somehow....

Worth it...

Mind blowing action

Sunday, 1 August, 2004

A really good website for all you fans of democracy.

Saturday, 31 July, 2004

Hey I just realized something...

Only one more month to go for my senior year to start.


Friday, 30 July, 2004

Linked from - - 2004 Darwin Award Winners.

Continuing the tradition from last year.

Here are the darwin awards

2004 Republican National Convention NYC

Wow, I did not know this

Strange facts

I know its been a while since I have reviewed a movie but this one just had to be done.

Four Dogs playing poker. I was very apprehensive while renting this one but decided to take a gamble and so I was rewarded

A pretty decent thrill and suspenseful movie..... with some very memorable scenes and an awesome soundtrack

Worth the time and money.....

Thursday, 29 July, 2004

I know its been a while since I have reviewed a movie but this one just had to be done.

Four Dogs playing poker. I was very apprehensive while renting this one but decided to take a gamble and so I was rewarded.

A pretty good action and suspenseful movie..... with some very memorable scenes.

Worth the rent.........

I know its been a while since I have reviewed a movie but this one just had to be done.

Four Dogs playing poker. I was very apprehensive while renting this one but decided to take a gamble and so I was rewarded.

A pretty good action and suspenseful movie..... with some very memorable scenes.

Worth the rent.........

I know its been a while since I have reviewed a movie but this one just had to be done.

Four Dogs playing poker. I was very apprehensive while renting this one but decided to take a gamble and so I was rewarded.

A pretty good action and suspenseful movie..... with some very memorable scenes.

Worth the rent.........

Tuesday, 27 July, 2004

Just weeks remain for my internship to get over.

Its been a great source of xp and working I mean really working has certainly changed my entire life

Saturday, 24 July, 2004

And now its time to enjoy the weekend and simply relax

Thursday, 22 July, 2004

So its been almost a week since we starting working in jersey.

All I can say is that its been real busy but quite bearable.

I have been getting a ride both ways every day so far. So its been good

Post more soon

Wednesday, 21 July, 2004

Wow, finally settled in the new warehouse and office in Jersey. Carstadt to be exact

Final 19 days of work remaning methinks... Its been a blast working the entire summer. Learnt so much, made so many new friends.

Now staying at my cuzin sis's appartment all alone.... loving the challenge..


Sunday, 18 July, 2004

Enjoying the final episode of Farscape.

Drinking with my cuz has never been more fun.

Cannot explain what I am feeling right now

I guess thats the Kahlua speaking.... hehe

Moving to jersey on monday. Had a good 2 months in long island.

wish me luck

adios amigos

Friday, 16 July, 2004

Packing my boxes and all my files

Only one day for ops to move to jersey side

Good luck people


Wednesday, 14 July, 2004

Wow, I just registered for ESPN Insider for a year. Right now its a free trial for a month.

This was an absolutely necessary investment for me (a die-hard sports dude)

Looking forward to a year of in depth sports news


Tuesday, 13 July, 2004

One of the variants of Kings:-

Kings is a very popular Drinking game Drinking games are games which involve drinking alcoholic beverages. The point is either simply to drink, or to make your opponent drink more than you do, so that they become drunk and drink even more, and so forth. Cottabus is an ancient game involving skill in pouring a swig of wine into a large vessel. A modern variant of Cottabus, known as Arrogance, has players take turns to add as much beverage as they like to a central jug before correctly calling a flip of a coin. Failure to call the coin correctly (or dropping it, a real possibility during the later stages of the game), means the unlucky (or clumsily drunk) player must drink the entire contents of the central jug.
. It uses a standard deck of playing cards. Shuffle a deck of cards, spread down on a table. Place a party cup, in the center of the table. Go around the table drawing cards one at a time. Each card has a different action associated with it. Follow the rules as they are listed below. Piece of cake.

2 Take 2 Drinks
Simple. Take 2 drinks.

3 Give 3 Drinks
Simple. Give 3 drinks. You can can give a drink each to Tom, Dick, and Jane, or you can give all 3 to Tom.

4 Girls
All the girls take a drink.

Be Creative because I can't remember right now what the 5 is.

6 Guys
All the fellahs take a drink.

7 I Never
The person who draws this card says something they've never done. Whoever has done this, takes a drink. There's another variation on this rule. You can have everyone start with 3 fingers held up. If you've done the action, put a finger down. The first one to lose their fingers drinks.

8 Make-A-Rule
The drawer of this card gets to make a rule and a punishment for breaking that rule. I'll give you a couple of ideas. There's a Thumb Master rule where the drawer becomes the thumb master and when they put their thumb on the table (unnoticably), the last person to do so has to drink. There's also the 'Drink, Drank, Drunk' rule where you can't say any of these words. You can also have the 'Orgasm Rule' so that whenever someone says a certain rule, they have to fake an orgasm.

9 Bust-A-Rhyme
The drawer starts with one line, and in succession, everyone rhymes with the last word of the line. If you repeat what's already been said or take too long to come up with something, you drink.

10 Social
Everyone drinks!

J Categories
The drawer starts with a Category and an example and everyone in turn comes up with another example. Again, if you repeat what's already been said or take too long, you drink. For example, I (being the drawer), would say 'the category is N.B.A. Teams'. I would give the example of the Lakers, and so on...

Q Questions
You start by making eye contact with someone and asking them off-the-wall questions. The point is to do this fast and to make the person laugh. Whoever laughs first drinks.

K Kings
Pour some of whatever you're drinking into the center cup so that it fills up a 1/3 of the cup. The game ends when the last King is drawn and the bearer has to pound the cup. This works best when people are drinking various drinks (beer, liquor, etc.)

A Waterfalls
Before you start the waterfall, everyone should fill their drinks. Here's how it goes. Everyone starts drinking when the drawer of the card starts. The person to their left can't stop drinking until the person to their right stops. As you guessed it, the person to the right of the drawer is screwed.

Simple game. Have fun and impress your friends.
Work is keeping me busy.... hence the slight delay in posts

It rained a lot yesterday.. almost non stop actually

Approaching the home stretch of my internship and my summer.....

its been an unbelievable summer so far.

next stop.. senior fall and then the big trip to India after 18 months


Friday, 9 July, 2004

Wow... what an awesome trip to Bethany Beach I had. It was really great and so much happened that I doubt I will be able to put everything in writing.

Some of the highlights of my trip:-

Played golf for the first time. Played poker like a freakin madman. Went to the beach and into the atlantic ocean water for the first time (methinks)

Etcetera etcetera....

Post more soon

Thursday, 8 July, 2004

I came back from an awesomely good trip to Bethany Beach to a huge surprise.

Apparently MSI had already sent back my fried mobo (after replacing it with a new one ofcourse) and SHival had it all set up and ready to go

Merci beaucoup stac


Friday, 2 July, 2004

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

Sadly, The Godfather is no more.

Marlon Brando passed away yesterday at the age of 80.


Thursday, 1 July, 2004

So freakin busy....

Don't evne have time for lunch or a gun and some bullets

Don't even have time to correct my spelling error above

post more..... or not

what ever

Wednesday, 30 June, 2004

Done booking to and fro ticks for Bethany Beach for this week end.

Should be a complete B L A S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking a couple days off from work next week to make the long weekend longer

Post more later...

Monday, 28 June, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11.....

Well, what can I say about this movie.... I will recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.

I always seem to have quotes on my fingertips for moments such as these but right now nothing comes to mind....


Easily the movie of the year so far for me.

Friday, 25 June, 2004

I would like to give a shout out to my cuz Smita on her 19th birthday today.

Happy b'day percy

Thursday, 24 June, 2004

One question???????

SHOW ME THE MONEY...........................................................

One question???????

SHOW ME THE MONEY...........................................................

Wednesday, 23 June, 2004

A really interesting article for all you rounders out there.

Monday, 21 June, 2004

Damm, cnet is the shit

The Two Things about Project Management:
1. The schedule will slip.
2. It's about how you manage the schedule slippage.
-Nicola O.

Friday, 18 June, 2004

This week and the next I will be posting snippets from The Two Things.

Today, we start with Business.

The Two Things about Accounting:
1. The trial balance must balance.
2. There's a lot of "grey area."

Thursday, 17 June, 2004

A link any one from Buffalo will be able to relate to.

All I loved about this article was the title.....

Cause if there are two words that define Buffalo as a city, I would prefer Lake Effect to the two most hated words in Buffalonian...................... wide right

Wednesday, 16 June, 2004

I would like to wish my parents today on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Two souls with but a single thought,
Two heart that beat as one.
Franz Joseph von Munch-Bellinghausen

Whew..... talk about a hectic day in office. Today was easily one of the top 3 most hectic days since I have been here.

But at the end of the day, I got the job done.... I think thats whats important.

Monday, 14 June, 2004


What an amazing weekend.

Went to DC on Friday. Crashed at my cuz Arjun's apartment. Played Poker (Made $35) but thats another story; watched the Thomas Crown Affair; smoked a hukkah (naah, j/k !)

Talked till 5 in the morning with sameer 'farha' and arj about everything and nothing at all.
Next morning had a really good Caeser Salad for lunch and then we went to the scene of the party after negotiating with the parentals that we would NOT be doing any work at all.
Played some more poker.... made some more money.

Later I worked the party as a drinks server, getting promoted later in the night to the esteemed status of bartender.

Served some delicious mango ice cream and then it was onwards to some tea and coffee.
Had fun watching the 4 moons of Jupiter which gave me a feeling I cannot describe.

Said some of my goodbyes at 12 at night and then settled down for some PS2 action with another cousin of mine (Emil) ..... he whopped my butt in NBA Street... I then accordingly responded by scoring 18 runs in 5 innings in High Heat Baseball.
Went to bed at 2:30, woke up at 6:00 and then rushed to catch the Greyhound which was suppossed to leave at 7:00 am.

We reached the terminal at 6:57. But the bus was full and we ended up catching the 7:30..... no biggie there.

Reached NY again..... Then it was my cousin Shival's Graduation from Cold Spring Harbor...... had fun again.

Played Poker with some of his friends last sunday evening and had some delicious Chineese food....

Well, what more can I say....

It was a pleasure guys......

Can't wait to do it all over again the 4th of July week-end.


Saturday, 12 June, 2004

Its 5:20 pm EST and I will soon be leaving the office to catch the greyhound bus from NYC at around 7:00 pm and reach the capital (DC) sometime in the night.

Should be a hell of a week-end.

My mom's uncle's 80th B'day party on saturday followed by my cousin's graduation on Sunday.... Go Shival


Friday, 11 June, 2004

I am apoligising in advance for this post.

Normally, you will not see any profanity on this blog...... if I CAN HELP IT.

That above is a disclaimer for this blog.

However sometimes you just can't help but utter the f%^& word.

Take this morning for instance..... its been a good day so far. I come to work, check google news.... hit up espn to see WHAT???????????



I mean detroit..... FUCKING DETROIT pussy-whipped the LA LAKERS with all their all-stars...... 88-68.... I was like WOAH - you know what I'm sayin....

This further proves my point..... Teams I support play better when I don't watch.... with the sole exception being the Indian Cricket Team.


Thursday, 10 June, 2004

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
You are Super-Cool!
Woah! Step back - the future's so bright for you it's blinding me! You are the coolest of the cool. Everyone looks up to you as the benchmark for being coooool. The fonze was your grandfather. Any cooler and you'd freeze! WOO it's chilly in here.
Cool quizzes at


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Wednesday, 9 June, 2004

One of my new favorite songs.

This one is called Broken

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause Im broken when I’m open
And I don’t feel like I am strong enough
Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away

The worst is over now and we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There’s so much left to learn, and no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause Im broken when I’m open
And I dont feel like I am strong enough
Cause Im broken when I’m lonesome
And I dont feel right when you’re gone away

Cause Im broken when I’m open
And I dont feel like I am strong enough
Cause Im broken when I’m lonesome
And I dont feel light when you’re gone away

- Seether

Tuesday, 8 June, 2004

Lorraine from Makaveli says this abt me, "This guy is crazy. He loves this place."

Haha Lorraine, good one.

Friday, 4 June, 2004

I absolutely love my internship.

I am working for a company called Makaveli. Doing imports for customers like FUBU, Wal-Mart, Ashworth and the in house brand Makaveli.

Post more details soon.

p.s The extra benefit is working in the city.... (Manhattan)

Thursday, 3 June, 2004

Wow, what an awesome long weekend.

Met most of my family clan on my mother's side.

Gave my aunt a surprise 25th wedding anniversery party.

Then chilled and ate a LOT on sunday.

Back to the jungle on tuesday morning.

And so life goes on.

Next stop... DC on the weekend of the 18th

Tuesday, 1 June, 2004

hindi movies and paneer..... aah life is good

Saturday, 29 May, 2004

Woo-Hoo.... and so the long week end begins.

Can't wait for this break.


Thursday, 27 May, 2004

Well, what can I say.

Been real busy lately. Work work and then some.

There is a silver lining to this all... My mom might come to the US soon and I might actually see her after an 11 month gap.


Tuesday, 25 May, 2004

India has a Muslim president, a Sikh Prime minister, and a Christian leader of the largest political party in India. This speaks very highly of tolerance in India.

"Suave," says my shampoo. "All-purpose solution," says my contact lens cleaning fluid. "Total control," says my styling gel. "cool," says my antiperspirant. I am not living up to the expectations of my toiletries.

Nuff Said...


Finally, I am legally eligible to pursue my internship.

Monday, 24 May, 2004

A really chilling link.

I hope this IS NOT TRUE.

Sunday, 23 May, 2004

Enjoying the week end.

First time in my life I wore my blazer on consecutive nights.

Had fun with cheti didi the first night and then with stacman the next.

Today is sunday which means spending the day with stac playing quake III, ping pong and watching Lord of the Rings : Return of the Kind DVD and/or Nightmare Before Christmas.



Peace out

Saturday, 22 May, 2004

So we went to this person's surprise 60'th b'day party and some people were drunk like most Punjabis are at any given function.

People were making speeches. My uncle was the first to give one. He was really good. But the highlight of the night was a person wishing the birthday man Happy New Year and upon being corrected, said in his defence that he had been drinking since 6'o clock that evening. This incident took place around 11:00PM

Please, if any one is throwing me any kind of party... all speeches to be done before open bar commences.

So busy right now..

Have not had any food so far today and its 10 minutes to 4 pm...

OOHHHH.......... Busy Busy..

Friday, 21 May, 2004

I almost forgot to post this... but this past week, I have been spending two hours a day reading the fabulous book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Its an absolute must read for all fans or critics of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' and even possibly 'Angels and Demons'.

And another thursday bites the dust.

Onwards to TGIF.... I have noticed the extraordinary amount of Jews in the big apple. When I asked my uncle he said there are more Jews in New York than Tel Aviv.

Wow, thats a weird but true fact right there.

I wonder if Asimov knew that one....

Thursday, 20 May, 2004

Wow, it is official..

A proud day for Ruman's Blog. This blog has now detected visitors from all inhabited continents. (The missing continent is ofcourse Antartica)

This site logged the first visitor from Africa this morning.


Wednesday, 19 May, 2004

I am so tired.

Commuting to and back from the city everyday for 2 hours does that to you.

Hopefully, things will get better.

Everything else about my daily activity is great.

Great enviroment, great weather and good xp.

thats experience.

Friday, 14 May, 2004

A simply fantastic article.,00160055.htm

Thursday, 13 May, 2004

I feel let down by the voters in India.

A person from another country??????

Sad day for India.
Counting of votes has begun in the world's largest democracy and the largest eletions ever in history of humanity.

I'll post results as soon as they are announced.

Wednesday, 12 May, 2004

Here it is at last.

My final blog from Buffalo for a while.

Only know this:-

nothing is certain except Death and Taxes.....

Still packing my bags for the long road ahead.

Got a lot of work done today.

Bought my very first pair of dress shoes.

Also bought couple of docker pants, some nice shirts and then wrapped my CPU in bubble wrap and scotch tape.

Flying to nyc and then proceeding to LI mid day.


Tuesday, 11 May, 2004

Wow, blogger is truly RELOADED.

Awesome job...

This is one of my last posts from Buffalo for a while.

Going to nyc and nj for the summer to pursue an internship.

Wish me luck

- ruman
Wow.... what a game

Timberwolves and Kings...


I predicted this even before half time...

Last few seconds

Sunday, 9 May, 2004

Finished reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons at 5:30 in the morning.

I just could not sleep until I finished reading the book.

570+ pages done in 15 hrs.

Now, thats an engrossing story. It beat my previous best....... Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code

He is now in my top 3 favorite authors of all time list.

He joins Michael Crichton and numero uno himself, Jeffrey Archer.

Saturday, 8 May, 2004

Saw the Pride of the Yankees today.

Had tears in my eyes when I heard Lou Gehrig's speech there at the end.

Touching and Poignant

An amazing movie

Friday, 7 May, 2004

And so my mobo is fried.

Tough Luck eh?

And so ended the final episode of Friends.

How do I feel about this?

Well, to put it simply, I feel at peace. I feel serene, joyful, a tad bit sad but more than that also a little relieved that the ending was just and not poorly done.

Goodbye Friends. Can there BE anyone like them?

Tuesday, 4 May, 2004

Don't worry folks.... To dispel the rumors I am not quite dead.

My computer however pretty much is.

It might cost me around $45 just to get it examined..... Damm the Gaobot and Sasser viruses.

Anyway, today is the last day of finals so I should be able to do some posting soon.

So wish me luck and ciao.

Saturday, 1 May, 2004


Awesome effects.

Friday, 30 April, 2004

Handling things a little better.

Thursday, 29 April, 2004

Talk about the weirdest shit ever.

Making this post from a newly installed windows xp. Thats right. Downloaded notes for my finance exam and was very calmly reading them in ms word when suddenly *boom*.

Just 13 hrs before my finance final, my computer just HAD to crash now did it not.

Cooled down, installed windows, grabbed some Red Eye Double shot expresso coffee and so here we are.

Going through the motions.

There is nothing that can be done. Had to install windows as one of my folders contains all of my saved notes and other hw saved.

Hopefully I will not have to re-install ms office now but with only 11 hrs to go, looks like this one is gonna be a long-ass night....... for me atleast.



Zap2it - TV features - 2004 Season Finales

I just realized that alongwith Friends, two other of my favorite shows also end this year.

These are Frasier and The Practice.

Still, there is the O.C and That 70's show to look forward to.

Wednesday, 28 April, 2004


Just one comment.

The O.C is now among my all time favorite tv shows

Tuesday, 27 April, 2004

I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
I'm just out to find
The better part of me

I'm more than a bird I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It's not easy to be me

Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see

It may sound absurd but don't be naive
Even Heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed but won't you concede
Even Heroes have the right to dream
It's not easy to be me

Up, up and away away from me
It's all right You can all sleep sound tonight
I'm not crazy or anything

I can't stand to fly
I'm not that naive
Men weren't meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
inside of me ...... inside of me ...(x2)

I'm only a man in a funny red sheet
I'm only a man looking for my dream
I'm only a man in a funny red sheet

It's not easy ... wu.. hoo.. hoo..
It's not easy to be me...

Five for Fighting
Discovered Friendster again yesterday.

The 6 degrees of seperation are amazing to behold.

search for me if you wanna be my friend. My name is pretty evident.

Monday, 26 April, 2004


Need I say more.

Expect the postings to not be funny this week.

Wow, its 5:20 am as I post this.

I did not realize time flew so fast. I have been studying for 7 hrs now.

Had to watch 6 lectures avg 1hr and 10 mins which means total of 7 hrs.

Now I am just gonna chill for a while and maybe watch a lecture tonight and then the rest will be done tommorow morning in another marathon session.

Sunday, 25 April, 2004

Final Playlist Update of the Spring

Comments welcome as always.

98 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:57
Playlist length: 6 hours 28 minutes 4 seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file.

Playlist files:

1. Tan Dun- Coco Lee - Track 15- Crouching Tiger- A Love Before Time(Chinese) (3:39)
2. Tan Dun- Coco Lee - Track 14- Crouching Tiger- A Love Before Time(English) (3:45)
3. Tan Dun - Track 03- Crouching Tiger- A Wedding Interrupted (2:15)
4. Tan Dun - Track 01- Crouching Tiger- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (3:24)
5. Tan Dun - Track 09- Crouching Tiger- Desert Capriccio (4:33)
6. Tan Dun - Track 13- Crouching Tiger- Farewell (2:25)
7. Tan Dun - Track 10- Crouching Tiger- In The Old Temple (3:46)
8. Tan Dun - Track 04- Crouching Tiger- Night Fight (3:10)
9. Tan Dun - Track 05- Crouching Tiger- Silk Road (3:08)
10. Tan Dun - Track 12- Crouching Tiger- Sorrow (4:02)
11. Tan Dun - Track 08- Crouching Tiger- The Encounter (2:40)
12. Tan Dun - Track 02- Crouching Tiger- The Eternal Vow (3:01)
13. Tan Dun - Track 07- Crouching Tiger- Through The Bamboo Forest (4:23)
14. Tan Dun - Track 06- Crouching Tiger- To The South (2:21)
15. Tan Dun - Track 11- Crouching Tiger- Yearning of the Sword (3:34)
16. Various Artists - Gin Blossoms - Til I Hear It F (3:47)
17. Various Artists - Cranberries - Liar - The Cranb (2:21)
18. Various Artists - Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like Yo (3:55)
19. Various Artists - The Martinis - Free - The Mart (4:24)
20. Various Artists - Toad The Wet Sprocket - Crazy (4:17)
21. Various Artists - The Innocence Mission - Bright (3:33)
22. Various Artists - Better than Ezra - Circle Of F (3:27)
23. Various Artists - Ape Hangers - I Don't Want To (3:15)
24. Various Artists - Cracker - Whole Lotta Trouble (2:27)
25. Various Artists - The Meices - Ready, Steady, Go (3:05)
26. Various Artists - Drill - What You Are - Drill (4:25)
27. Various Artists - Lustre - Nice Overalls - Lustr (5:18)
28. Various Artists - Please - Here It Comes Again - (2:41)
29. Various Artists - Evan Dando - The Ballad of El (3:43)
30. Various Artists - Coyote Shivers - Sugarhigh - C (2:37)
31. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 01- The Cult- Painted on my Heart (4:27)
32. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 02- Gomez- Machismo (3:36)
33. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 03- Moby- Flower (3:25)
34. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 04- Groove Armada- Rap (4:15)
35. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 05- The Chemical Brothers- Leave Home (5:13)
36. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 06- Method Man- Da Rockwilder (2:20)
37. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 07- Ice Cube- Roll All Day (3:01)
38. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 08- Caviar- Sugarless (3:07)
39. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 09- BT- Never Gonna Come Back Down (3:47)
40. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 10- A3- Too Sick to Play (4:46)
41. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 11- DMX- Party Up (3:49)
42. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 12- Apollo Four Forty- Stop the Rock (3:33)
43. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 13- Citizen King- Better Days (6:25)
44. Gone In 60 Seconds - Track 14- Trevor Rabin- Boost Me (2:49)
45. Thomas Newman - Dead Already (3:17)
46. Elliott Smith - Because (2:19)
47. Folk Implosion - Free To Go (3:31)
48. Free - All Right Now (5:29)
49. Bill Withers - Use Me (3:42)
50. Eels - Cancer For The Cure (4:44)
51. Who - The Seeker (3:24)
52. Bobby Darin - Don't Rain On My Parade (2:55)
53. Better Carter - Open The Door (3:12)
54. Gomez - We Haven't Turned Around (6:28)
55. Peggy Lee - Bali Hai (3:09)
56. Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (4:09)
57. Braveheart - 01 - Main Title (2:49)
58. Braveheart - Main Title (2:49)
59. Braveheart - 02 A Gift Of A Thistle (1:37)
60. Braveheart - A Gift Of A Thistle (1:37)
61. Braveheart - 03 Wallace Courts Murron (4:24)
62. Braveheart - Wallace Courts Murron (4:24)
63. Braveheart - 04 The Secret Wedding (6:34)
64. Braveheart - The Secret Wedding (6:34)
65. Braveheart - 05 Attack on Murron (3:00)
66. Braveheart - Attack on Murron (3:00)
67. Braveheart - 06 Revenge (6:23)
68. Braveheart - Revenge (6:23)
69. Braveheart - 07 Murron's Burial (2:13)
70. Braveheart - Murron's Burial (2:13)
71. Braveheart - Making Plans,Gathering the (1:51)
72. Braveheart - Sons of Scotland (6:20)
73. Braveheart - The Battle of Stirling (5:57)
74. Braveheart - For the Love of a Princess (4:07)
75. Braveheart - Falkirk (4:04)
76. Braveheart - Betrayal & Desolation (7:48)
77. Braveheart - Mornay's Dream (1:16)
78. Braveheart - The Legend Spreads (1:09)
79. Braveheart - The Princess Pleads for Wa (3:37)
80. Braveheart - Freedom,the Execution,Bann (7:23)
81. Braveheart - End Credits (7:13)
82. Braveheart - Amazing Graze (Bagpipes) (3:35)
83. Celtic Bagpipes - Scotland the Brave (3:15)
84. The Neptunes - The Battle: Speed (1:07)
85. Instrumental - Neptunes Mix (2:52)
86. Irish - Celtic Bagpipes - Outlawed Tunes (2:03)
87. Unknown - Schubert - serenade (3:55)
88. Tchaikovsky - SwanLake (2:50)
89. Yo Yo Ma - Cello Concerto No. 1 In C Major- I. Moderato (9:02)
90. Yo Yo Ma - Cello Concerto No. 1 In C Major- II. Adagio (8:13)
91. Yo Yo Ma - Cello Concerto No. 2 In D Major- I. Allegro Moderato (14:19)
92. Yo Yo Ma - Cello Concerto No. 2 In D Major- II. Adagio (6:00)
93. Yo Yo Ma - Cello Concerto No. 2 In D Major- III. Allegro (4:23)
94. Yo-Yo Ma - Haydn cello concerto (4:29)
95. Yo Yo Ma - Theme to Crouching Tiger (3:24)
96. timberland - Rap Instrumentals (2:42)
97. Ry Cooder - Guitar Instrumental (2:58)
98. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones 2 (Instrumental) (3:59) - Delhi's Shahi Imam backs BJP

Finally, some one sees through the deceit and makes a good decision.

Talk about a creepy situation.

Just downloaded the soundtrack of American Beauty cause I remembered I hadn't listnened to it in a long time. Turn on the tv, browsing through the channels and on the campus movie channel guess which movie comes on?

American Beauty off course.


Friday, 23 April, 2004

DeSi TriAngLe

Just had to be put here.

Will be posting cc's so don't have to keep checking it every day
Saw ' The Butterfly Effect ' last night. Have to say it is one of the most disturbing movies I have seen.

Awesome special effects and the direction is also very good. Amazing work by the Punk'd kid......

So got my group paper back in organizational behavior today.

Side comment made my day....

It said,

"This is probably the most well argued and written paper I have ever read"

Imagine that for an ego boost.

Wow, I simply love my gmail account.

Thursday, 22 April, 2004

Woo hoo.

Finally I am along the elite.

I was given an opportunity to beta test google's new spankin g mail service. What do YOU think I did.

Signed up off course.

New email id created. ruman.agarwal at

" There is a closet, and there is a little american in it. YOu throw clothes at him and he turns them into little hot dogs."

" Tell them Raj, tell them"

Quoting my room mate KTown as he talks in his sleep and leaves the rest of us totally dumbfounded.

Your Age On Other Worlds

A really cool and funny link

Wednesday, 21 April, 2004

The Geek Test



a must try for all

Tuesday, 20 April, 2004

Hail to the potheads on this day of pot.

Hitler's birthday is today

Just a random inane fact

Gmail Sneak Peek

Awesome First Look.

Now I can't wait to test it for myself.
Gmail: Stop the Whining!

The facts behind Google's new email service.

Monday, 19 April, 2004

And its election time in India

Sunday, 18 April, 2004

Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker

Thank you folks.

2000 page views and counting

What do you guys think about the NY Yankees.

Comments welcome

Saturday, 17 April, 2004

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, 16 April, 2004

Back from classes.

Done for the week.

Next week will be my last for this year which is my junior year.

Can't believe I have already spent 1/10th of my life at UB


Woo Hoo.

Sachin bowls, Ganguly takes the catch.

India win by an innings

Pak 244/9 (Asim Kamal 59* Danish Kaneria 0*) - Wisden CricInfo

Thats right.

Just ONE wicket stands between India and destiny

Thursday, 15 April, 2004

Subservient Chicken

A very amazing webssite.

Wonder how many hrs it took for them to do this.

[H]ard|OCP - GeForce 6800Ultra Preview

Nvidia accepts ATI's challenge and what a way to do it.

Take a look at the Sphere

Awesome concept.

I hope they pull it off well.

Chilling with what canadiens would call Molson Ice biere.


celebrating yet another successful completion of a tough project.

Wednesday, 14 April, 2004


Finally a warm week forecasted for Buffalo.

Hopefully, the weather gods (who ever they are) will not interfere and let things flow the way they currently are.

Finally got done with the huge OB presentation.

Also completed the Operations Management project which took a ludacris amount of time.

Post soon

Tuesday, 13 April, 2004

Blame India Watch

Big plans ahead for this week.

Anyway, popping in just to post a link that I feel is trying to do the best they can in these turbulent times.

India is getting the low end in the news lately for outsourcing and taking away American Jobs, hence the link for this day.

Any comments can now be posted on this website itself.

Go ahead and comment

Monday, 12 April, 2004

Cricket history made.

Brian Lara becomes the first player to reclaim the individual test batting record.

Next Target 400???

Going through my entire enigma playlist one harmony at a time.

I love enigma. Thank you Ronney for introducing me to Enigma

Missing all friends back home

Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameSleep Apnea Woman
Super PowerInvisibility
Mode Of TransportationMotorcycle
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Sunday, 11 April, 2004

To celebrate the b'day, a new commenting system added

Leave your comments
It is official.

Ruman's Blog turns 1 year old.

I would just like to take this moment to thank everone who motivated me to keep posting and also anyone who has ever clicked on my link and added another number to the hit couter I have become so addicted to

Thanks again for reading

Boozing tonight to celebrate 1 year of web blog publshing .

Thats right. Ruman's Blog celebrates 1 year b'day Sunday, 11th of April.

No Windows XP SE as Longhorn jettisons features | The Register

Finally, some sensible actions taken by Microsoft

Saturday, 10 April, 2004

A day left for 1 year hoopla

Worth reading:-

Read this story about history of Taj Mahal which is not known to us.
> The Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal
> built the Taj Mahal. It was built in 22 years (1631 to 1653) by 20,000
> artisans brought to India from all over the world. Many people believe
> Ustad Isa of Iran designed it.
> This is what your guide probably told you if you ever visited the Taj
> Mahal. This is the story I read in my
> history book as a student in India. No one has ever challenged it except
> Professor P.N.Oak, who believes that the whole world has been duped.
> In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak says the Taj Mahal is not
> Queen Mumtaz Mahal's tomb but an ancient Hindu temple palace of Lord
> Shiva (then known as Tejo Mahalay! a).
> In the course of his research, Oak discovered the Shiva temple palace
> was usurped by Shah Jahan from then Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh.
> ShahJahan then remodeled the palace into his wife's memorial. In his
> own court chronicle, Badshahnama, Shah Jahan admits that an
> exceptionally beautiful grand mansion in Agra was taken from Jai Singh
> for Mumtaz's burial. The ex-Maharaja of Jaipur still retains in his
> secret collection two orders from Shah Jahan for surrendering the Taj
> building.
> Using captured temples and mansions, as a burial place for dead
> courtiers and royalty was a common practice among Muslim rulers. For
> example, Humayun, Akbar, Etmud-ud-Daula and Safdarjung are all buried in
> such mansions.
> Oak's inquiries begin with the name Taj Mahal. He says this term does
&! gt; not occur in any Moghul court papers or chronicles, even afte r
> ShahJahan's time. The term "Mahal" has never been used for a building in
> any of the Muslim countries, from Afghanistan to Algeria. "The unusual
> explanation that the term Taj Mahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal Is
> illogical in at least two respects. First, her name was never Mumtaz
> Mahal but Mumtaz-ul-Zamani," he writes. "Second, one cannot omit the
> first three letters 'Mum' from a woman's name to derive the remainder as
> the name for the building." Taj Mahal, he claims, is a corrupt version
> of Tejo-Mahalaya, or the Shiva's Palace. Oak also says the love story of
> Mumtaz and Shah Jahan is a fairy tale created court sycophants,
> blundering historians and sloppy archaeologists.
> Not a single royal chronicle of ShahJahan's time corroborates the love
> story.Furthermore, Oak cites
> several documents suggesting the Taj Mahal predates Shah Jahan's era,
> and was! a temple palace dedicated to Shiva worshipped by the Rajputs of
> Agra city. For example, Professor Marvin Miller of NewYork took a few
> samples from the riverside doorway of the Taj. Carbon dating tests
> revealed that the door was 300
> years older than ShahJahan. European traveler Johan Albert Mandelslo,
> who visited Agra in 1638(only seven years after Mumtaz's death),
> Describes the life of the city in his memoirs. But he makes no reference
> to the TajMahal being built. The writings of Peter Mundy, an English
> visitor to Agra within a year of Mumtaz's death, also suggest the Taj
> was a noteworthy building long well before Shah Jahan's time.
> Oak points out a number of design and architectural inconsistencies that
> support the belief of the Taj
> Mahal being a typical Hindu temple rather than a mausoleum. Many rooms
> in the Taj Mahal have remained sealed since Shah J! ahan's time, and are
> still inaccessible to the public. Oa k asserts they contain a headless
> statue of Shiva and other objects commonly used for worship rituals in
> Hindu temples.
> Fearing political backlash, Indira Gandhi's government tried to have
> Oak's book withdrawn from the bookstores, and threatened the Indian
> publisher of the first edition with dire consequences.
> There is only one way to discredit or validate Oak's research. The
> current Indian government should open
> the sealed rooms of the Taj Mahal under UN supervision, and let
> international experts investigate.
> Do Circulate this to all your friends and let them know about this
> reality

Thursday, 8 April, 2004

W.'s Second Term: If you Think the First is Bad ...

This might be the future

Wow, 3 posts in one day
Small edit.

My awake time was clocked at a personal best of 64 hrs.

Nuff said.

I proceeded to sleep for 10 hrs

Pakistan romp to series-levelling win

Even before India left for Pakistan, I had predicted that Pakistan will will the ODI series 3-2 and that the test series will finish in a draw ay 1-1.

India proved me wrong in the ODI series by winning 3-2. They proved me right by losing the 2nd test match.

Maybe for the first time, I would not mind if they proved me wrong once again.

Wednesday, 7 April, 2004

60 hours awake straight.

Tuesday, 6 April, 2004

My agenda for the day and then for the rest of the week.

Class in 50 min. Assignment due. Have to pick up the printout from Capen Lib.

OB exam at 5:00. Need to get studying done.
Then driving to Bm's for dinner.

Tommorow at 11:00 HR annual edition due.

Thursday, OB group project due.

Friday, Finance Final HW due. (Yet to start that one)

All that on 1 hr of sleep since Sunday 5 pm.

Wow, I love my life....... <------------ Not sarcasm

Any comments???

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, 5 April, 2004

The Ten Commandments of College:

I- Thou Shalt Nap
II- Thou Shalt Get Sick All the Time
III- Thou Shalt Write Witty Away Messages
IV- Thou Shalt Wear a Hoodie
V- Thou Shalt Shit a Lot
VI- Thou Shalt Eat EasyMac
VII- Thou Shalt Hook Up
IX- Thou Shalt Wake Up Confused
X- Thou Shalt Gain Weight

Sunday, 4 April, 2004

2 nights ago, I downloaded this two part documentry type movie titled ' The 50 years war. Israel and the Arabs'

I have to say. I did not have the foggiest idea it would be so beautiful and though provoking.

A definite must see for anyone interested in the past and not just the future.

p.s Thank you pharo

Saturday, 3 April, 2004

Welcome to Gmail

Delurking to inform.

G-mail has started testing and should open up signing soon.

These are very exciting times.
Wow, this week just flew back so fast.

Nothing much happened this week.

Been shooting hoops a lot recently.

Havin a blast plus getting plenty of excercise in the process

Post more soon

Wednesday, 31 March, 2004

Cost of War

You know how they say that the truth is out there, well guess what here it comes.

Da Vinci Code

Yes, I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, 30 March, 2004

And so the countdown is truly on.

Date to remember.

11th of April.

Thats right. One year aniversary of Ruman's Blog.

What a long and strange journey its been so far.

I was reading through some of the first posts and realized how this blog has given me so many memories which I will certainly treasure long after I stop writing,

Monday, 29 March, 2004

And Sehwag crosses 300.

The first Indian to do so.

Is 380 a possibility?

Sunday, 28 March, 2004

Went to Duff's for some buffalo wings last night.

Had a blast.

Choosing a hotness level just below suicidal turned out to be a good decison as the wings were just super.

Yeah, they were the bee's knees.

Anyway, going to the indian buffet at Taste of India later today for lunch.

Here were the people at Duffs.

Justin, Julia (his main squeeze), Sumedh, Mike J, Darren, Dell and Moi.

Good times.

Alumni Arena Renovation

Some pictures from the future.

What our b'ball stadium will look like for my senior year.

Public Library of Science

Just wow.

Thank you wired

Saturday, 27 March, 2004

Wired Subscriptions

Reading my first subscriber issue of WiReD magazine.

Its really awesome stuff.

If you are reading this, better goto the link above and subscibe to it.

Thursday, 25 March, 2004 Democracy in Action

Another good link courtesy of KTown

get Bush out of office

A must read for anyone voting in the upcoming US elections

Tuesday, 23 March, 2004


This could easily end up being THE technology debuting this year.

Monday, 22 March, 2004

What an amazing comeback victory I witnessed today.

Hats off to The Wall and Kaif for crushing Pakistan in a handsome yet calm and collected manner.

Sadly I will be unable to watch the Final game which will be played on Wednesday morning as I have 2 exams on Wednesday and then on Friday night.

insert [frustrated expression] here

Sunday, 21 March, 2004

Back in Buffalo.

What an awesome week it was. Tons of fun.

And this time, it really felt like spring break.

Thanks Shruti for having us over.

Thanks Mr. Whiskerson for providing lot of entertainment.

To all my soudside homies, always remember.:-

it fits to a T.

Khakhee - The Pants

Saturday, 13 March, 2004

The passion of the agarwal

Take notice.

Today was one of the, if not the weirdest day of my life.

Last day of college, we decided today would be the day Sumedh and me would travel to the Canadian Consulate to get our visas for the trip we are making to Toronto tomorrow, the first day of Spring Break,

I woke up at 6:30 am having decided to leave at 7:30 to get to the consulate by 8:15

Got ready quickly even though my bed was looking so inviting and all I wanted was to go back to sleep because I was averaging 3 hours of sleep the past 4 nights. For everyone's ease of calculation that’s 108 hours of being awake in the past 120 hours.


Sumedh came over and we got out of there as quickly as we could.
Got to the main door and I realized that I had left my car keys in my drawer in my room, went up only to remember that they were in my jacket the entire time.

Opened the door only to be greeted by the type of weather they did not talk about even in the bible.

SNOW SNOW and then some more SNOW

Got to the Union, Sumedh withdrew some money from the ATM there and as we walked to the shuttle stand where we could catch a bus bound for South Campus, a bus left just as we got there. Got into the next shuttle that showed up. It was just Sumedh and me by then. The driver waited a little before taking off. In the next 3 minutes, he realized there were some problems with the bus. He stopped and started it again.

Later I would learn that the bus's transmission had failed.

I believe in fate and jinxes and other paranormal phenomenon, hence I looked at the newspaper in my hand to check the date, only to find that the date was Friday the 12th.

Damn, I though cause 13 is my lucky no. This by far was the worst date we could have planned this trip I though.

The driver stopped at the next scheduled stop in front of another shuttle telling us that we would have to switch. Upon switching we realized that the driver of the new shuttle kept muttering that her wipers were not working.

I just looked at Sumedh without saying anything. I think he realized what I wanted to say.

We got down on South, crossed over to the subway and took the escalators after buying the ticks.

I glanced down the escalators only to feel dizzy cause I had no idea the escalators were so damn steep.

We got down on Seneca Street only to be partially blown away by the freakin wind.

Got to the Canadian Consulate on the 30th floor only to find there were 30 other people there……

EDIT::::: There were 30 other Indians there.

Paid the money and then proceeded to wait another hour and a half for the damn visa. That was fine but then people who had come after us started getting their visas and I was super pissed. I was sleepy and hungry at this point.

Well, we kept ourselves busy by making fun of every single person that passed us, including a group of 10 people of south Indian origin who just did not know to shut the hell up.

Eventually we got the visas and proceeded to the Subway located under the lobby to get some food. But it was our day after all, the same 10 southies were there and they proceeded to talk the soul out of my body.

We got the food, got out of there. The trip to Seneca Station should have taken us no more than 1 minute, it was snowing and windy remember. This time the weather had intensified to such a degree that I remember thinking that the City of Buffalo wanted me to never forget this day.

We entered the train and I remembered that the train had a no eat policy. So we had to wait until we got back to north to eat the subs. On the very next station after Seneca, 3 ladies of Latino origin entered the car and totally killed everyone’s mood. I am not being racist here. They talked about everything and anything including spending about 6 minutes discussing a hat that was perched on one of their heads.

Personally I though the hat sucked. That just made it all worse.

An old man just got up and stood at the doors a full 2 minutes before University Station, the final stop. I had crushed the part of me that wanted to strangle the 3 women thinking I might be questioned by the police and I might have to miss the trip to Toronto, which would negate the whole experience and suffering in the first place.

Entered the shuttle due north and the driver proceeded to make an unscheduled stop for a full 10 minutes. I bet he was thinking,” How can I prolong this man’s suffering?”

We got down at North only to realize we had all been dropped off at Flint Circle instead of Lee Loop were we could catch the shuttle to go to our dorms.

We were so tired, sleepy and hungry at this point. We got to the Union again and decided to just eat there. I had just finished my sub and Sumedh was eating his when the fire alarm rang loud and clear. Now I have been here since the Fall of 2002 and such a thing has never happened. I was too worn out to even ponder the mysteries and function of this universe. The two of us got up silently and walked to the shuttle, got in and got out at Ellicott.

We decided to check our mail before heading to our respective rooms. I needed my combination though having lost it yet again.

In the Area Office I found an application form for the Campus Judiciary Committee, something I had wanted to be a part of for a long time.

While walking back to the mail room I something told me to turn the application around. Upon doing so I read the last date of submission.

By now it should come as no surprise to those still reading this piece.

The deadline was 5pm Friday the 12th of March.

I just laughed at the irony of it all.

Got the mail and went back to my room having decided to log the day’s activities on the blog.

What do you think I did when I went back to my room?

Slept like Tupac and Biggie off course.

Woke up a few hours ago only to find most of the hall deserted and Sumedh working???????

My reaction was what the hell.

Today seemed like a dream, no more like a night mare,

But this will without a doubt strengthen me.

I will walk on.

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)