Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

Wow, the hits on this page and on the pics site have just taken off again lately... thanks to everyone for dropping by... no this is not a goodbye message, just a thank you one...

Monday, 30 August, 2004

Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong we’re Headstrong
Back off I’ll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong and this is not where you belong
I can’t give everything away
I won’t give everything away

Trapt - Headstrong

A great song to get you pumped up every morning

Bouncing away to classes...

Here's to a brand new semester and yet another new experience

Watched the talented mr. ripley today.


Talk about a fast and dark but at the same time powerful movie....

Pig latin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a reference for people like me who used ix-nay or ixnay without understanding fully what it stood for and its proper syntax and semantics

Did the template switch I do every new semester..

I like this one... I think it defines my senior year. I might keep it the entire year... who knows

STAY Lyrics - Jackson Browne: "People, stay just a little bit longer We want to play -- just a little bit longer Now the promoter don't mind And the union don't mind If we take a little timeAnd we leave it all behind an"

Sunday, 29 August, 2004

ESPN.com - OLY/SUMMER04/GEN - Beijing '08 could be best yet

A very Probable scenario here

Yahoo! News - FBI Suspects Israel Has Mole in Pentagon -- CBS

Yeah and in the words of Robin Williams :- Fucking DUH!!!!

Ruman's Pics

New site for all the pics I have taken so far and also those I will be taking throughout the senior year.

Google RULES

Friday, 27 August, 2004

Woo Hoo...

First post from my new apartment baby.... yeah

Love this new place....

I just wish the bed mattress was a tad bit better but oh well....

Thursday, 26 August, 2004

Yeah, I know I've delayed moving in a bit but its happening for sure tommorow.. the 26th of August.

Had fun the last few days as friends of ours left their dog Caeser with us and it was a blast.

Really miss his antics right now.

We named his small bed and play pen Caeser's palace.

Cool, right???

Sunday, 22 August, 2004


Woo Hoo


This Land will surely NOT vote for me.... hehe

Awesome link.. a must see

Saturday, 21 August, 2004


An awesome concept...

Thank you top5

Friday, 20 August, 2004

Ruman's Blog
Finally getting settled back in the buff...

Will start moving into my new apartment this weekend. I will try and post some pics ASAP

Sunday, 15 August, 2004

Happy Birthday India

Friday, 13 August, 2004


Friday the 13th

My favorite time of the year. The last Freddie Kruger day till may 2005...


Adios Amigos.

Its been a blast working with you all

In the words of the great but not late Ray Sosa:-


Thursday, 12 August, 2004

Wednesday, 11 August, 2004

Tuesday, 10 August, 2004

Yesterday was easily the longest day of my life in recent memory

More details soon

Monday, 9 August, 2004

I certainly had a good weekend. Just chillaxed at my cuz's place and saw Collateral last night

A very good movie which got me so pumped I actaully kicked some ass in QIII later that night

Saturday, 7 August, 2004

Creating stronger passwords

A good article on good passwords

Wednesday, 4 August, 2004


Here are my favorites:-

"Play it again, Sam"

* Correct quote: "You played it for her, you can play it for me. ... If she can stand it, I can! Play it!" - Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca)
* Another correct quote: "Play it once, Sam. For old times' sake. ... Play 'As Time Goes By'." - Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca)
o Note: Woody Allen made a homage to Casablanca under the title Play It Again, Sam.

"The rest is science"

* Correct quote: "The rest is silence" - William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears." - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

* Notes: normally attributed to Julius Caesar, but actually said by Antony.

Elementary, my dear Watson"

* Correct quote: "Elementary", on one occasion; "my dear Watson" on another. Never together - Sherlock Holmes
* Notes: According to the Sherlock Holmes series of books, the expression was uttered in some derivative works such as Sherlock Holmes films and television programmes.

Tuesday, 3 August, 2004

Saw the Bourne Supremacy this weekend. It was a good movie. I just think it would have been better if I was maybe not sitting in the FOURTH ROW.

Had to pull out all stops to see this one including getting ticks for a diff movie cause this one was sold out and then sneaking in somehow....

Worth it...

Mind blowing action

Sunday, 1 August, 2004

A really good website for all you fans of democracy.