Wednesday, 31 August, 2005

Good times

Had good times last evening

On my online explorations for the best happy hour deals in the city, I came across Jake's Dilemma.

Good location, excellent variety of beer and awesome happy hour deals. Met up with Justin and had a few beers and some nachos.

Then met up with Julia and we visited an Ethiopian restaurant... definitely weird although the wine was so good it almost made me not guilt.

Guilty - Why you may ask? Well, it seemed unfair to me that people are enjoying Ethiopian food and wasting tons of it at the same time as there are thousands if not millions of Ethiopians starving for a few morsels of food...

Anyway.. enough of my ramblings.. all in all a good night out. Definitely need to hang out with my buds more often.

The Maverick Strikes Again

A very interesting and well written article about hedge funds based on betting in Vegas rather than Wall Street

Lets see where this goes

Blog Maverick


" You could also make the argument that when you buy a stock, you own part of a company. Legally it's true. In practice it's not. For non-dividend paying companies, you have nothing but a piece of paper. The only hope you have if that company starts to decline is to find someone who will buy it from you.

A sports or blackjack or poker bet doesn't have value beyond that game or hand. In that respect it's just like the hundreds of millions, if not billions ,of options that are traded, but never converted, on stocks, commodities and other assets around the world every day."


Now thats what I call a cool image.

Courtesy of - The Yankees fan site

Tuesday, 30 August, 2005

Break out series?

Watched the new thriller/drama Prison Break on Fox last night

I think this is going to be one of the new hit shows of the fall season. Good fast paced direction. Good acting and a crisp script keep this show from the people who initially brought us 24 fresh and cool.

Something to look forward to on Mondays.

Check it out if you get the chance

Prison Break at Tvtome

Time flies


It just hit me.

The back-pack I carry around every day has been with me for more than 3 years now

Now thats something ... oh and its in perfect shape and condition too...

Monday, 29 August, 2005

In the name of Science


Bogus Science?

Be sure to check out the rest of the cool exhibits on this site

The Truth is Right Here

At last

The Truth

Nice name - The Why Files

Saturday, 27 August, 2005

Ready to rumble?

An interesting development over at Espn


Looks interesting

Friday, 26 August, 2005

Grow...... And the world grows with you

Incredible statistics of world population growth


Holiday time in India... among other things

Its Holiday time in India

The Reason

Also, my good friend Shooter is back in town... well in Buffalo actually. Starting his final semester of school.. so good luck buddy

Also, head over to our combined blog called The Bughouse after the very addictive chess game My three room-mates and I played a lot during senior year.

Shooter posted some original pictures there from the crazy monsoons in India.

Now, where are the posts from my other two roomies?

Thursday, 25 August, 2005



I got three comments on my blog all in one day.

Yippee... thanks guys for making my day

Keep em coming

Wednesday, 24 August, 2005

Google Talk

The next revolution from the people I love over at Google

Google Talk

Tuesday, 23 August, 2005


And finally... features cricket


My beloved finally embraces cricket

Inside the truth

Saw the second part of the two part mini-series Inside 9/11 last night on the National Geographic Channel.

Wow, what a powerful documentary. I thought I knew all there was to know about this significant event but I was wrong.

So much more happened; so much more was said; was seen and felt. I urge you all to check it out if you get the chance.

A warning though... Images are disturbing and at the end you will want to turn the TV off... I quickly changed to Whose Line is It Anyway? On ABC Family cause after all that violence, I needed some laughs.

Friday, 19 August, 2005

The Underground

On a brighter note, I found the website below which contains fascinating pictures and descriptions of the most beautiful subway stations around the world.

A wonderful website

Metro Arts and Architecture


Missile Crisis?

Missiles fire from Jordon Port

On a whim, I checked the news online and found this.

Bibliotheque & Spies

Finished The Rule of Four last night.

Go out and read it, it just might change the way you see things. I know it has already changed the way I view things and people around me.

Yesterday I finally managed to do what I wanted to for quite some time now.

Became a member of the New York Public Library - Roosevelt Island Branch located literally a stone's throw away from my place.

The first book I took out yesterday - Gideon's spies - A book about the only secret intelligence service that I can say has fascinated me almost as much as the KGB. The agency I speak of is non other than Mossad -> The Israeli secret agency.

A look at the lives, lies and truths behind this almost mythical agency which has pulled off some of history's greatest coups and also suffered some of history's hardest losses.

More on the Mossad and this book in the coming days.

Thursday, 18 August, 2005

One Rule to Rule them all

Busy with work... a lot of it.

The Silver Lining is that I have lately been obsessed with The Rule of Four written by two Ivy League Graduates.

I think it is probably one of the most well written books I have ever read. Very engrossing and it often gave me the 'willies'

A book that is absolutely unputdownable

AS soon  as I finish the book I shall have a more detailed review with probably my fav quotes from the book..

Monday, 15 August, 2005

Tryst with Destiny

Happy Birthday India

Saturday, 13 August, 2005

The actor becomes......... a blogger?

Indian actor Amir Khan (who remains my fav actor) now has started blogging as promotion for his upcoming movie The Rising based on the semi-successful Indian uprising of 1857 CE

Amir Khan now a blogger

In the movie, Amir plays the role of Mangal Pandey, whose self-sacrifice inspired generations of Indians

I can't wait to see this movie.

Friday, 12 August, 2005

GGI and quota system

In my view, what I like to call the GGI or The Gorgeous Girl Index has been rising quite rapidly the last few days. A lot more good looking girls are prominent on the subway, at port authority or even just on the streets.

Oh and getting a new haircut certainly helps my cause as now girls actually look at me more than once..... hehe I can carefully observe them ... hmm that sounds too stalkerish... and thats so not the case.

Anyway.. I am moving away from the main purpose of this post...

States cannot pursue Quota system in admissions process

Now why could this not have been implemented earlier... like 10-20 years ago? I'll never know.

Still, the fact is that it was and for that I am happy.

Cruise Control

Are you shitting me?

Pakistan tests cruise missile

Thursday, 11 August, 2005

This just in

Just read this today in the local newspaper.

Apparently Texas is now the fourth state in the U.S to have whites as a non-majority i.e a MINORITY.

Huh, strange as that might be, its true.

Hispanics now count for 50.26 % of Texas's population, a census survey report to be released this week declares.



And once again, as it has been for the entire week so far, I am busy with so much going on around me.

Right now just took a walk to the local vending machine and got myself a very nice and cool, Sprite which I plan to relish and enjoy for the next few minutes and then its back to work.

Still waiting for some good news about my vid card though....

Tuesday, 9 August, 2005

Drift Away

Had a really good escape last week from the crazy jungle that is the tri state area.

Met up with the dc crew and also those from buffalo. Good times... Eating, drinking, poker and lots of laughs.

Can't wait to do it all over again come Diwali.


Tuesday, 2 August, 2005


Everything is finally falling into place..

Sorry, don't mean to be vague but I'll elaborate in a few posts... (promise)

Last day in nyc for this week... taking a break from things and heading out to see some friends, family and just have some plain fun