Friday, 19 August, 2005

Bibliotheque & Spies

Finished The Rule of Four last night.

Go out and read it, it just might change the way you see things. I know it has already changed the way I view things and people around me.

Yesterday I finally managed to do what I wanted to for quite some time now.

Became a member of the New York Public Library - Roosevelt Island Branch located literally a stone's throw away from my place.

The first book I took out yesterday - Gideon's spies - A book about the only secret intelligence service that I can say has fascinated me almost as much as the KGB. The agency I speak of is non other than Mossad -> The Israeli secret agency.

A look at the lives, lies and truths behind this almost mythical agency which has pulled off some of history's greatest coups and also suffered some of history's hardest losses.

More on the Mossad and this book in the coming days.