Thursday 30 December 2004

Its been a trip of mixed emotions so far back home in mumbai....

Having fun and yet feeling saddened at all that has been taking place in this part of the world

Nuff said

Saturday 25 December 2004

This is it.

Its bon voyage time...

Merry christmas to all my peeps in the us.....

And to everyone back home....... get ready to rumble

Thursday 23 December 2004

Wow.... I did not know this:-

Legal Definition of Hinduism

In a 1966 ruling, the Supreme Court of India defined the Hindu faith as follows for legal purposes:

  1. Acceptance of the Vedas with reverence as the highest authority in religious and philosophic matters and acceptance with reverence of Vedas by Hindu thinkers and philosophers as the sole foundation of Hindu philosophy.
  2. Spirit of tolerance and willingness to understand and appreciate the opponent's point of view based on the realization that truth is many-sided.
  3. Acceptance of great world rhythm — vast periods of creation, maintenance and dissolution follow each other in endless succession — by all six systems of Hindu philosophy.
  4. Acceptance by all systems of Hindu philosophy of the belief in rebirth and pre-existence.
  5. Recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are many.
  6. Realization of the truth that numbers of Gods to be worshiped may be large, yet there are Hindus who do not believe in the worshiping of idols.

Thank you once again Wikipedia

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Easy for people to follow...

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Its really cool technology...

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Wednesday 22 December 2004

The significance of the number 420...

Monday 20 December 2004

This is my last post from the apartment for close to a month.... Next post will be around the 17th of Jan late at night.

So adios y'all and have a good winter

Happy Holidays

Friday 17 December 2004

All finished with 1/2 of senior year...

Next stop.... bombay..... in abt 9 days

Wednesday 15 December 2004

A law final to go and then its party time baby.....

Saturday 11 December 2004

Not much to write about, work work and yes some more work.

Although it has begun to snow outside my window..... aah, it truly feels like the north east

Thursday 9 December 2004

Tuesday 7 December 2004

And the exams begin:-

Day I


Monday 6 December 2004

And so begins the last week of classes....

Presentations, reports & exams galore

Saturday 4 December 2004

Please note my cell phone has gone AWOL.... thats 'absent without official leave' for people who don't speak military.

So please don't call my cell phone.... call the room if you need to...

Wednesday 1 December 2004

Just got back from marketing class.... got blown away by the wind. literally.

Quote from

Wind: From the West Southwest at 45 gusting to 64 km/h