Monday, 29 May, 2006

It's all in the fonts

A very interesting look into the role a font plays in what is being written or rather how it is read.

I wish I could go back and convert all my papers to Georgia just to see what grades I would get. I usually did my best work in the papers so dunno how much it would actually help but one can always research.

The Code, 24 & A Social Life

A good weekend.

Got my parents to involve themselves in a 24 Season 1 Marathon. I had already seen the eps abt 18 months back but was happy to watch them again, explaining things as and when needed.

Got together with some of my old friends for dinner and then watched the Da Vinci Code last night. Mixed feelings on that one. Some scenes done very well, some things not as good as the book.

Watched India lose two games against the West Indies so that was tough.

On a bright note though, my friend Rusalka dropped in from New Zealand so that was a very pleasant surprise. We are definitely going to try and hang the next few weeks as and when I get the chance. She did promise to cook for a me a bit and more importantly mix a few drinks as well. Cool

Oh and I cannot say anything more at this point abt Shantaram which has turned out to be the finest book I have read in ages. I will try and do a more comprehensive review once I am done but it being over 900 pages, 944 to be exact and me able to spare time with the frequency of Indian wins in the Windies, don't count on it happening any time soon.

As today is Memorial Day in the US, should be quite light at work. My teams needed a break so today will clearly be some relief from certain burnout.

Thursday, 25 May, 2006

No more soda for me

Yeah.. if this article is to be believed

Truth and scary or hoax and funny?

Wednesday, 24 May, 2006

Shoot thy neighbor.... not on purpose of course.

A really funny-yet-disturbing link.

Thanks reddit

Tuesday, 23 May, 2006

Quotes for the Day

Today's theme is Heroes. Thanks again to qotd.

Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1896 - 1940

Nature abhors a hero. For one thing, he violates the law of conservation of energy. For another, how can it be the survival of the fittest when the fittest keeps putting himself in situations where he is most likely to be creamed?
- Solomon Short

The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men and their story is not graven only on stone over their clay but abides everywhere without visible symbol, woven into the stuff of other men's lives.
- Thucydides

The trouble with superheros is what to do between phone booths.
- Ken Kesey

Monday, 22 May, 2006

Use your illusion

A really cool illusion.
Very impressive.


Sunday, 21 May, 2006

3 degrees of sadness

There's misery. Then there's heartbreak. And then there is the feeling associated with India losing a cricket match by one run for which I am up till whatever the hell time it is right now.

Oh well.. I guess these things happen every now and then. I just wish I wasn't around to witness it every now and then.

Thursday, 18 May, 2006

Quotes for the Day

Today's theme happens to be Quotations.

Next to being witty yourself, the best thing is being able to quote another's wit.
     - Christian Nestell Bovee, 1820 - 1904

Famous remarks are very seldom quoted correctly.
     - Simeon Strunsky, 1879 - 1948

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.
     - George Bernard Shaw, 1856 - 1950

Tuesday, 16 May, 2006

Golf in the Valley

Another week-end went by and this one was not spent lounging around the house.. well not entirely.
Saturday was spent watching the Apprentice with my cuz sis and my mom and also pigging out on food and drinks.
Sunday was spent in Amby Valley with some folks watching The Asian Masters 2006 golf tourney. This was the first time I was watching a round of golf live in action and it was pretty fun. Although it was hot as hell and way too much sun for my enjoyment it was still fun.
After that was done, got home and then last night I slept for 12 hrs straight. Have not done that in quite a while. Not since College I think.

Saturday, 13 May, 2006

One Year Grad

This weekend marks one year to the day I graduated from UB...
Wow.. one whole year. Time flies by but at the same time so much has happened this past year that it feels like I graduated a while ago at the same time I feel like it was just yesterday that I was shooting hoops with my roomies and getting my buzz on at Molly's.
I can't believe how lucky I am that things have worked out so well for me since then.. getting to live and work in the new york/new jersey area and then moving back home and still having a good life.
All I can say is that I am really looking forward to the next year and where I'll be then.
Oh and I miss Buffalo. Not America but Buffalo, NY. Don't ask why.. thats just the way it is.

Wednesday, 10 May, 2006

Quotes for the Day

Today's theme happens to be the reason I have not been able to post much the past few days - Dedication.. in my case to my work.
"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."
~ Jesse James
"Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication."
~ Cecil B. de Mille

Friday, 5 May, 2006

Quotes for the day

Today's theme due to luck happens to be well.... Luck and Odds.

Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.
     - Leroy "Satchel" Paige, 1906 - 1982

To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late;
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods?
     - Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay, 1800 - 1859

Thursday, 4 May, 2006

The Merger..... of lives

Lately it seems like my work life and my home life are really becoming one.

Consider whats been taking place the last week and a half:

I leave home between 6-7 in the evening and I come home between 4:30-6:00 in the am.
Sleep does not claim me easily
I woke up at 12:00 then 1 then 2 and finally today at 3 in the afternoon which left me with roughly 3-4 hrs for my "personal" time. Now that just blows. I mean I have not been doing much socially before this but this is just ridiculous.

Is there an end in sight... I do not know but I hope to carry on with this. I have gone through a lot just to give up now...

Sorry if anyone mailed me or called me in the last two weeks. You won't be hearing back from me until a little longer. Hang in there.. I know I am.

Wednesday, 3 May, 2006


The entire last week.. felt like a zombie. Well, make that feeling since it never went away.

Working the graveyard shift all of a sudden does that to you.

On another note, read the Sith Code of Honor online today.

Its interesting.

The Sith Code
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.