Monday, 29 May, 2006

The Code, 24 & A Social Life

A good weekend.

Got my parents to involve themselves in a 24 Season 1 Marathon. I had already seen the eps abt 18 months back but was happy to watch them again, explaining things as and when needed.

Got together with some of my old friends for dinner and then watched the Da Vinci Code last night. Mixed feelings on that one. Some scenes done very well, some things not as good as the book.

Watched India lose two games against the West Indies so that was tough.

On a bright note though, my friend Rusalka dropped in from New Zealand so that was a very pleasant surprise. We are definitely going to try and hang the next few weeks as and when I get the chance. She did promise to cook for a me a bit and more importantly mix a few drinks as well. Cool

Oh and I cannot say anything more at this point abt Shantaram which has turned out to be the finest book I have read in ages. I will try and do a more comprehensive review once I am done but it being over 900 pages, 944 to be exact and me able to spare time with the frequency of Indian wins in the Windies, don't count on it happening any time soon.

As today is Memorial Day in the US, should be quite light at work. My teams needed a break so today will clearly be some relief from certain burnout.