Monday, 14 April, 2008

Kings of good times

Wow, fitting that the weekend the blog turned five would also be the weekend I would have the most fun and be the tiredest I've been in ages.

Helped Team Rustic manage a corporate event (one of the biggest in the cities history) of epic proportions. Over 5 grand people, lots of noise, action, drama and the Kat herself - yes I spent some moments in proximity of Katrina Kaif and also Bipasha Basu - two of the hottest actresses in the B-wood industry.

Chugged down red bulls by the sleeve and lived to tell the tale. Hopefully once the camera is charged and connected, pictures of this wild weekend will follow.

Good times.

Friday, 11 April, 2008

Another year around the sun

Wow.. I'm really running out of things to say every April.

As it so happens, tomorrow this blog completes FIVE whole years. Thats right, what started as a simple way to journal and chronicle my daily life and musings turned into first a link fest then a pic blog, a review site and finally completing the circle (since I graduated and ran out of time) into a personal diary of musings and such.

In other news, got couple of ping pong tables at work and looking forward to sweating away some cals during the grind.

Tuesday, 8 April, 2008

Fear Factor

An interesting list of fears via a chronological list:

Fear Hierarchy, by Jan Pettit

Are you afraid just reading that list?