Wednesday, 12 April, 2006

3 years down

Wow.. I never thought I would be here. Writing a post three years after the first one graced this blog. I had only hoped to leave a footprint somewhere on this massive beach called the Internet and well, its certainly left a mark. Not to a lot of people but certainly to my immediate family and close friends.

This was the only way the two groups of people mentioned above could keep up with my activities which were interesting on a daily basis back in Buffalo. Does that mean my life has become boring after graduation and moving back home? Hardly; its just that my target audience has really come close to the eye of the storm so as to speak. They know more or less what I am up to on a regular basis.

And while I do admit my days of really going wild with Sumedh, Justin, Laura, Sameer, Shival & the rest of the crew are long gone, it does not change the fact that I have been updating the blog on a regular basis.

When I told my mom a few days ago that this special anniversary was approaching, she told me to start writing something meaningful apart from all those links and humor I post on a regular basis. Which is why the minute I got home then I started composing this post and most likely I will be posting this soon with the dates modified so that it appears on the blog's birthday with precision.

My mom had asked me to write about my life and my dreams... and I thought no one wants to read that... most of my crew know that I tend to get quite philosophical at times (read that as often).

Which is why I quoted Game when he uttered, "They say sleep is the cousin of death. So my eyes wide open cause a dream is akin to your last breath."

So today is gonna be no philosophies.. well....perhaps no more that what I have already scribed above.

Happy birthday blog.. yay.