Friday, 16 September, 2005

Random Searches

I always thought how I would feel when I would eventually be stopped by the Police to get my bag searched. Would I feel anger? frustration? fear? or all of the above.

When it actually happened today, what I felt was just resignation. Nothing else.

Look, I accept the fact that people have to be searched. I am not a crazy right-wing conservative. But at the same time I am not a crazy left-wing liberal. I am realistic. I understand that some things just have to be done damn the consequences. I mean all you have to do is look at the alternative for a second and you understand why this is necessary.

Just don't patronize me. The day the searches first started, I walked to the local subway and found a lot of people being searched. I headed to the the bus terminal, picked up a newspaper expecting to find the Police saying exactly what they said. "We will be conducting 'random' bag searches. We will not be profiling people"

Are you kidding me? Just tell me the truth and I will be fine with it. Which is why I respected the one local government guy who said "Lets search all Arabs". I mean yeah that's kind of a harsh statement but that's what they do anyway.

Just say that we are going to be searching all brown people. Just say it. If that's what you are actually going to be doing. Don't indulge us in this hypocritical bullshit.