Thursday, 1 September, 2005

Going going back back to Buffalo Buffalo - The Notorious Tallguy

As I head back to Buffalo for the long-weekend tomorrow after a long period of 2 whole months.. I am thinking about all the things I actually miss about Buffalo. I knew I was gonna miss it but not like this. Not for these reasons.

Here goes:

I miss subs at Wegmans

I miss 50 Cent Bowling Monday nights

I miss cheap taco bell food

I miss the super fast Internet connection

I miss 2 for 1 happy hour and Southwestern Egg Rolls at Chillies

I miss playin Ball

I miss workin out

I miss Thursday night bowling

I miss Thursday night at Molly's followed by A Slice at Sal's

I miss kicking ass at Racquetball

I miss getting my ass kicked at Backgammon

I miss playing Bug House

I miss all our theme parties

I miss late night visits to Toms's

I miss early morning visits to Tom's

I miss playing Poker

I miss the chance to drive

And finally I miss the feeling you get when you have stayed up all night talking to your room-mates who like yourself are or are close to being erudite in topics like Geography, History, Religion, Science and the Classics.

In short - looking forward to this weekend