Monday, 24 July, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday was well.. a shootout.

A huge 20 man well 19 men and 1 woman session of Counter Strike. We played from 9:00 till the better part of the morning. I think I left around 5:30. I had a flat but people from work helped me change the tire.

Saturday was a rainy dreary day. I slummed and watched tv shows and played Madden.

Sunday evening was interesting. I took a hr and 15 min bus ride to my boss's house. Chilled for a bit and then off we were to see PoTC with Johnny Depp. It was timepass so as to say but an insert:

One question : What were the smoking when they made this move?
And to follow-up on that : Can I get some of that?

Later we went to Alfredo's for some good snacks and a few pitchers of beer.

Crashed after some more beer and toast and there was even some cake. A good time all around.