Monday, 31 July, 2006

Week-end update

A lot happened since I last posted. The week was busy as usual. Lots of work taken care of. I started logging my daily activities at work.. thanks to a nice hack from lifehacker

Had a couple of marathon Counter-Strike sessions at work.. kicked some major butt. Friday was freaky as I kept running into things.. alternatively a lot of things ran into me. Saturday was lazy until I was called to work to play some more.. haha I love my job. Today was the first quiet Sunday I’ve had in quite a while.

In other news around my world, the US House of Representatives approved the Indo-US Nuke deal, records were broken in tons on the Cricketing field and the Yanks accquires a big bat for almost nothing right at the trade deadline in baseball. Until next Monday morning.. signing off from the update crew.