Friday, 30 June, 2006

A shocking sight

A really bizzare thing happened today.

My mom was complaining of a burning smell in my room and I assured her
that nothing was wrong.

She left for work and then someone rang the doorbell.

Some time later the telephone rang and as I stepped outside my room I saw that a rug kept there was on fire

Yes FIRE. It was absolutely weird. About 15% of the rug had totally disintgrated into nothing.
The wall along the rug was black with soot and as I looked up I saw that the extension for the bell we have on the above floor of the house was black as well. Our maid said the bell for the house was ringing for quite a while. I put two and two together and the fact was that there was sparking in the connector box due to water seeping in (heavy mumbai monsoons) leading to sparks falling onto the rug and voila - A full blown fire erupted.

Freaky Friday indeed.

Now just what did my mom smell earlier.... precog?