Saturday, 1 October, 2005

Wake me up when September ends....

Thus goes the latest Green Day song doing the radio.

It seems true for me. This has been a long month with tons of ups and downs.. relax people.. this has nothing to do with my life but that of my favorite sport's team - The New York Yankees.

I never wrote about them since last october cause as some people will tell you - read former room-mates, family etc, I happen to be superstitious to the nth degree. Well, what happened was something I can never forget. If you go through the archives and look at entries from october 2004, there are a few that mention the yankees. There were a lot earlier but I ended up deleting them cause as it happened, the Yankees were playing their arch-rival (enemies is more suitable) Boston Red Sox in a 7 game baseball series. Yankees won the first three no problem but then after I wrote about them going for the sweep et all, they proceeded to lose the next four and the world has not been the same again. Well... at least in New York and New England.

Anyway, since that day I have never written about any of my sports teams before thy actually win. Period.

Which is why, even in this post I am not predicting who is going to win this weekend which happens to be the final regular season baseball weekend of the season. Yankees travel for a three game set to Boston. Winner takes all.

I plan on stocking up on a ton of booze and camping in front of my tv this weekend.

A) Not because I am an alcoholic.
B) Not because I am a loner.

Well, I may be a loner but I am certainly no alcoholic. Beer and baseball go well together. 'Nuff said.

My solitary surroundings in watching this game is something more that just wanting to be alone. As of late, Baseball has become sort of a almost cultish obsession. I know many people got addicted to the game the same way I did. I follow it with the zeal of an evangelist. end my ramblings september is over. My heart can rest. Oh wait.... here comes october and the playoffs.

Green Day needs a new song for the radios anyway.