Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

Life of an adventuress

I don't know if there is a word called adventuress but I'm gonna run with it cause thats the only thing to describe my friend Stacey.

I met her through a cousin of mine who gave her my info just in case she needed some help in the other city that never sleeps (Mumbai) and oddly enough, she's never really needed it.

Anyway, I will be hard pressed to find anyone having more or as much fun anywhere as she does. From running marathons to hanging out with tigers to learning the sitar, she does it all. But today she topped it all in a crazy conversation.

Here is the gist:-

me: so, take part in any new marathons or learning any new instruments?

Stacey: hehe nope
nothing like that recently

me: what? nothing? not the answer I expected... I would have thought you would have been running around in Tibet playing with tigers right now

Stacey: well, next month i'm climbing everest
so i'm planning that now
this weekend i'm in delhi, tuesday i'm in bangalore, next friday i'm in goa
no time for instruments

Just insane. You rock. Cheers to more insane fun.