Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

2007 - Year of the Fan

What a horrible year this has been for me as a sports fan. I love sports and follow any and every sport I can think of but this year took the cake.

Observe the teams I follow:-

in Cricket: India, poor year capped by losing in first round of the Cricket world cup

in the NBA: Dallas Mavs, best regular season record. End result, first round elimination

in the NHL: Buffalo Sabres, best regular season record. Out of the playoffs before the finals

in the EPL: Newcastle United, who? Exactly

in the Spanish Primera: Real Madrid, lost in the Champions League but can redeem something for this season in 2 weeks

in the NFL: Buffalo Bills, nuff said

And finally in the MLB: The New York Yankees, horrible start to the season led to a miracle needed to salvage this season. Forget that the yanks haven't won a WS ring since 2000, they have a realistic chance this year of NOT winning the division they play in for the first time since 1996 and even worse miss playoffs entirely for first time since '95.

What can possibly redeem the year?

Real Madrid win the Primera in 2 weeks and Yanks mount an insane comeback to make October. Oh and India winning a few games in England and Australia won't be too bad either.


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