Thursday, 19 April, 2007

Back in the East

Well that was a whole lotta fun. Cali is awesome. I miss it already.

Played tennis like an addict. I'm gonna try and do this some more in Bombay. Ate, drank & chilled out a lot as well. And that was just last weekend. Monday, T & W was the web 2.o expo which was an amazing thing to behold. So many uber-geeks in 30,000 sq feet was like tech nirvana. I hope to do this next year as well.

Sights see in and around sf included the famous 'Crooked' Lombard street, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz prison, Pier 69, Fisherman's wharf & a whole bunch of Sea Lions. A nice city. Riding the BART was a fun experience as well.

The flight last night to nyc was uneventful (not that I need a constant state of adrenaline on airline flights) where I basically slept the whole flight for prob the first time in my life. Got to a clients office around 30 mins ago. Just catching up on emails and pending to-do's.

I'm booked in Secaucus, NJ till Sat so I'll be heading over there in couple of hrs. I plan to meet up with some old friends tomorrow & hopefully I can even goto the AC on Sat for a few hrs. Lets see how everything goes.