Tuesday, 7 June, 2005

Time to say goodbye

Time has come to leave the place where I made so many memories. I can say with a straight face that they were all good.. I will not have the slightest feeling of sadness when I think about the times I spent here and for that I am glad.

This was the first apartment of my own I had ever rented and so when I moved in I did not know what was going to happen here. Would I survive on my own with very little supervision from my family and the answer was a resounding YES.

So many parties took place in this small apartment of ours. So many people have visited this place; eaten, drunk and laughed here.

My room was just a small part of the scene but so many memories. I never felt this way moving out of the dorms last few years. This year was certainly different.

I can't believe I actually feel so sad leaving. But change is the only constant thing in life and life always goes on.

So goodbye 101K for all the good times and memories which will last me a lifetime.

veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)
- Julius Caesar

[Listening to: Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli feat Sarah Brightman - Romanza (4:05)]